Webinar: Turning Cocktail Sales into Bottle Sales



When?: Thursday, August 8th from 3-4 PM Eastern

How much?: Free to ACSA members; $59 for non-members

What?: In this webinar, we will discuss efficient ways to produce delicious cocktails in your tasting rooms that will not only make you more money during customer visits but also help you drive more bottle sales.

Over the years, Chris has taught thousands of people to make cocktails, and all of these interactions have made something clear: the vast majority of people are either intimidated by or do not know how to craft simple cocktails. As a result of this, classic favorites such as the gimlet, martini, and Old Fashioned, when replicated at home, never taste as good as when ordered at the bar. This leads to cocktails being viewed as an item for “special occasions” as opposed to a more common occurrence, subsequently leading to spirit bottles sitting idle on the shelf.

In this webinar, we will discuss the details to set you up for success. By creating an easy-to-execute simple cocktail program at your distillery that offers small educational insights as well as the merits of hands-on interactive classes, your visitors are likely to not only buy high-margin drinks while visiting but more frequently use bottles they buy, leading to more sales as they replenish their inventory.

Who?: Chris LeBeau created Decoding Cocktails in 2019 based on the idea that if people understood how simple it was to craft delicious drinks they’d enjoy them more often. He began teaching classes that have put him in front of thousands of people virtually and in person.

Over the years he began working with bars, restaurants, country clubs, and more to drive additional profits to their bottom line and increase their reputation for exceptional drinks. He also runs the Decoding Cocktails podcast, in which he interviews people from all aspects of the hospitality and beverage industry.

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