The COVID-19 pandemic is changing our industry. Craft distillers across the U.S. are navigating heroic efforts to combat the hand sanitizer and sanitizing spray shortage as well as contending with what this crisis means to their business and their teams.

You can find what you need here. ACSA is providing a technical response in real time so you can do what’s best for your business and your community. We will continue to advocate and educate as we navigate these unprecedented times. Have a question? Email us and we will help. Read on for the latest on COVID-19 response.


How to Close the Books on Hand Sanitizer

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is winding down its emergency guidance on hand sanitizer production and recently sent to distillers a notice of intent to inactivate outdated drug listing records. The notice is essentially the FDA telling distillers to clean up their books after the Dec. 31, 2021 deadline to cease production of hand sanitizer and ahead of the March 31, 2022 deadline to cease distribution of hand sanitizer. If you have ceased production and have yet to delist your product, deregister your company and deactivate your labeler code, please follow the instructions here.

Are you still producing or selling hand sanitizer? Do you have some still in your facility?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it intends to withdraw temporary guidance for alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The withdrawal is effective Dec. 31, 2021, for guidance originally issued in March 2020 outlining temporary policies for manufacturers that were not drug manufacturers at the time to produce certain alcohol-based hand sanitizer and alcohol for use in hand sanitizers during the public health emergency.

Companies manufacturing alcohol-based hand sanitizers under the temporary policies must cease production of these products effective Dec. 31. After that date, manufacturers wishing to continue producing hand sanitizer can do so provided they comply with the tentative final monograph for over-the-counter topical antiseptics and other applicable requirements, including the FDA’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice requirements. Manufacturers who no longer plan to produce these products are able to deregister by following the instructions on the Electronic Drug Registration and Listing Instructions page.

Hand sanitizers manufactured before or on December 31, 2021, and produced under the temporary guidance, can no longer be sold or distributed by manufacturers after March 31, 2022. Manufacturers must destroy any remaining stock after this date.

It should be noted, however, even after April 1, 2022, retailers may continue to sell their stock of hand sanitizer produced under the temporary guidance. Withdrawing the guidance is not a requirement to recall all hand sanitizer produced under the temporary policies. It simply means that they must stop making new hand sanitizer on December 31, 2021, and stop distribution by March 31, 2022 under the temporary guidance.

Click here to see a Q&A for industry on withdrawal of temporary hand sanitizer guidance.

For additional questions, please contact

Hand Sanitizer Production Guidelines

As we enter 2021 with the public health emergency still upon us, many distilleries are still producing hand sanitizer. Others still have supplies produced in 2020. Please click here for ACSA’s clarification of FDA’s registration and listing requirements.

Click here for further information and the Notice of Declaration under the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act for medical countermeasures against COVID-19.

Review the list of FAQs on Hand Sanitizer Production. Answers are based on latest guidance and we will continue to update if regulations change from TTB/FDA.


The following are resources regarding registering wand reporting with the FDA for hand sanitizer production during this national health crisis. You can steam the archived version of FDA Registration in Plain English webinar here (simply add to your cart and this complimentary webinar will be ready to listen to).


Dun & Bradstreet has a dedicated site for DUNS numbers needed to do business with the US Food and Drug Administration. This site is free of charge. Please use the FDA DUNS Portal at the following link: The FDA DUNS Portal is a tool to assist in identifying a DUNS number associated with a firm. Dun and Bradstreet’s suggested firm information is based on search parameters you entered. To assist you with learning how to use the portal, we have provided links to 2 user guides:

Additional questions regarding the FDA ACE / ITDS Initiative can be accessed here.


If you are interested in preparing alcohol-based hand sanitizers as described in these guidances, there are three steps, or submissions, that are needed to register an establishment and list a drug with FDA. Each of these steps requires an initial submission, followed by periodic updates/renewals to maintain an accurate and current status:

  1. Establishment Registration
  2. Labeler Code Form
  3. Product Listing

See Electronic Drug Registration and Listing Instructions for information and instructions on the electronic submission process. If you have questions related to the following topics, please use the appropriate contact provided below.


The following are resources regarding TTB guidance/regulation on hand sanitizer production during this national health crisis.

TTB Announces Extension of Hand Sanitizer Guidance (Dec. 18, 2020)

TTB announced an extension of its hand sanitizer guidance through June 30, 2021. Per TTB: “To provide continued flexibilities for industry members due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are extending the authorizations provided in TTB G 2020-1A through June 30, 2021. In addition, we are updating this guidance to authorize the use of the additional formulas specified in current FDA guidance for the manufacture of hand sanitizer and denatured alcohol for use in hand sanitizer without first obtaining formula approval from TTB. Any hand sanitizer or denatured alcohol for use in hand sanitizer produced in accordance with FDA guidance in effect as of the issue date of this guidance may be removed tax-free from a distilled spirits plant. This updated guidance is redesignated as TTB G 2020-1B.”

TTB Industry Circular (May 5, 2020)

TTB released an industry circular which details how you may be impacted during this pandemic. Two specific areas are worthy of your attention:

  • Donations to Charities that Support Alcohol Beverage Retailers and Their Employees
  • Hand Sanitizer

Be sure to review this discussion and how it may impact your business here. If you have any questions concerning this or any other Industry Circular related to trade practice regulations, you may seek additional advice by contacting

Excise Tax and Other Filing Postponed for 90 Days (March 31, 2020)

TTB released guidance that due to hardship created by COVID-19, there will be a 90 day postponement for excise tax and other filings. Details can be found here.

Tips for Timely Processing of TTB Approvals & Requests During COVID-19 (March 20, 2020)

TTB released this memo on March 20, 2020 issuing guidance on timely approval during this unusual time. Read the full memo for all details. To avoid delays or disruption to your operations during this period, we strongly encourage you to use our online filing options for all necessary TTB approvals.

Permits, Labels, and Formulas

  • To file for a TTB permit/registration, or to amend your existing permit, submit your application in Permits Online or register for an account to get started.
  • To file for a label approval, submit your application in COLAs Online or register for an account. If you already use Formulas Online, you don’t need to re-register – simply login and select “My Account,” then “Companies,” and finally “Add” to apply for a COLAs Online account.
  • To file for formula approval, submit your application in Formulas Online or register for an account. If you already use COLAs Online, you don’t need to re-register – simply login and select “My Account,” then “Companies,” and finally “Add” to apply for a Formulas Online account.
ACSA Memo: TTB/FDA Guidance for DSP on Hand Sanitizer (3.20.20)
TTB Reporting Tax and CARES Act (5.7.20)
TTB Postponement of Excise Tax and Other Filings (3.31.20)
TTB Guidance-Production of Hand Sanitizer (3.26.20)
TTB Guidance for DSP on Hand Sanitizer (3.18.20)


The following are resources regarding EPA/WHO guidance/regulation on hand sanitizer and sanitizing spray production during this national health crisis.


We are developing a webinar series focusing on Covid-19 and the impact for you and your business. You can learn more here. Or see below for registration information for these COMPLIMENTARY webinars.


If you missed one of the COVID-19 webinars live, you can stream the archived version. A Point of Clarity: some of the webinars may have some suggestions that are outdated as the guidance around hand sanitizer has rapidly changed. Please review the newest FDA and TTB guidance published after the date (and posted on this site, above) of the webinar to ensure you are following the prescribed protocol.

Deciphering the 2020 Stimulus and Government Funding Legislation: What’s in it for My Small Business?

Led by Jim Hyland, ACSA’s Public Policy Council, Mark Shilling, ACSA’s Government Affairs Chair, and Becky Harris, ACSA’s President, this comprehensive tutorial had a full briefing covering the following topics and more:
  • Can I transfer bottles from my bottler in-bond, and benefit from the reformed FET?
  • If I bottle from bulk alcohol, will I still take advantage of the reduced FET?
  • Will my business be eligible for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding?
  • Is a second draw for relief possible?
  • Will the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) apply to me, a craft distillery?
  • How does the Employee Retention Tax Credit work?
  • If I stopped production of hand sanitizer but have an ample supply I’d like to donate, what steps do I need to take with the FDA?*

*Our email box at remains active with lots of great questions. Click here to view PowerPoint slides from this webinar. Stream the archived version here.

Tasting Room Relaunch: Best Practice Guidance for a Safe Re-Opening (May 14, 2020)

A round-up of guidance from OSHA + FDA + CDC + Restaurant Industry to help figure out what exactly (re)opening to the public looks like and what needs to potentially change at distillery tasting rooms amid the Coronavirus Pandemic. Stream the archived version here.

Shipping Hand Sanitizer with the United States Postal Service (May 11, 2020)

As COVID-19 consumes our daily lives, the demand for certain products, specifically hand sanitizer, has grown exponentially. This webinar will cover correct packaging requirements and an overview of the certification process for shipping hand sanitizer with the United States Postal Service. Our speaker from USPS also will provide tools and resources available for distilleries to make this process quick and beneficial as they transition into shipping hand sanitizer with the United States Postal Service. For the slide deck, please email

Social Media in the Time of Quarantine (May 4, 2020)

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how distilleries interact with customers. This talk will explore how distilleries can keep people interested in their brand with social media marketing tips to stay relevant. The discussion will cover keeping an appropriate tone of voice, refocusing your target audience, adjusting the media mix, creating the right content, and enlisting the support of virtual ambassadors (aka influencer relations). Presented by Matt McGinnis, founder and president of Big Thirst Marketing. Stream the archived version here.

Virtual Town Hall: TTB’s Final Rule on Modernization of Labeling and Advertising (April 21, 2020)

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) amended its regulations governing how craft spirits producers, among others, label and advertise the liquid inside our bottles. On April 2, The Federal Register revealed modifications to 27 CFR Parts, 4, 5, 7 and 19. What does it mean for spirits producers? How will our operations change? What is the real impact? If you missed this virtual town hall, feel free to email your questions to

Production Safety and Compliance (April 10, 2020)

As many distilleries pivot from focusing on creating beverage alcohol to creating hand sanitizer, there are a number of safety and compliance issues that are essential to keep in mind. This webinar will tackle topics like: DOT compliance, how to store, handle, and label outgoing shipments, environmental considerations, employee safety, fire prevention, personal protective equipment, flammable liquid, emergency response, etc. Stream the archived version here.

Ethanol in Hand Sanitizer: FAQs to Meet Safety Standards (April 9, 2020)

Have you considered using fuel ethanol in hand sanitizer production? If so, there are a number of considerations you MUST keep in mind to ensure the health and safety of anyone who might use your product. Tune in for best practices and to go over production, storage, and shipping considerations to follow USP standards and ensure you are creating a safe product. Stream the archived version here.

Managing Cash Flow in Times of Uncertainty (April 6, 2020)

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting supply chains, financial markets and workforce mobility. During any crisis, organizations must determine which processes are critical to continue operations and which processes can be suspended temporarily. It’s also imperative to understand what resources are required to support critical operations. Using a cash forecast to minimize surprises and enable these conversations could still be your competitive advantage. Stream the archived version here.

DOT Training for Transporting Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer during COVID-19 (April 3, 2020)

With much of the industry shifting to hand sanitizer production, safety and compliance related to shipping hazardous materials are essential. The webinar covers what you need to know to be in compliance with DOT hazmat shipping. Stream the archived version here.

Understanding the Congressional Stimulus Bill and How it Helps Small Businesses (March 30, 2020)

Tune in to discuss the Congressional Stimulus Bill, the Small Business Administration’s lending provisions, and how both impact you. Stream the archived version here.

FDA Product Registration in Plain English (March 27, 2020)

If you’ve looked at the FDA registration form and felt overwhelmed, you’re not alone! This webinar will cover how to get your facility and hand sanitizer product registered with the FDA with step-by-step guidance. Stream the archived version here.

Keeping Engaged with Your Customer Base When Your Tasting Room is Closed (March 25, 2020)

In a business and industry so linked to being social, what do you do in a time of social distancing? Hear possibilities and creative solutions to take your tasting room to your customer base when they can’t come to you. Presented by: Amber Pollock (Backwards Distilling Company) and Mark A. Vierthaler (Tenth Ward Distilling Company). Stream the archived version here.

How to Hibernate Your Craft Spirits Business (March 25, 2020)

This complimentary webinar will offer an industry outlook resulting from COVID-19. Discover how to sales forecast the next 3, 6, or 9 months and how to review your cash flow in line with this. The webinar will also address how to share the news with your investors and where else to get support. Presented by: Dan Gasper (Industry-renowned Start-Up Drinks Expert) and Tom Potter (President of New York Distilling Company). Stream the archived version here.

Hand Sanitizer: From Regulation to Production (March 23, 2020)

Discussion of FDA and TTB considerations for hand sanitizer creation and the technical side of hand sanitizer production. With Becky and Scott Harris (Catoctin Creek), Lee and Melissa Katrincic (Durham Distillery), and Mark Shilling (Shilling/Crafted and ACSA’s Hand Sanitizer and Legislative Affairs Committees). Stream the archived version here.

COVID-19 Webinar (March 17, 2020)

What does COVID-19 mean for your tasting room? Discussion on implications on your business and tasting room. Presented by: Wendy Grace, MD (Southwest Montana Community Health Center), Tom Mooney (Westward Whiskey), James Hyland (The Pennsylvania Avenue Group). Stream the archived version here.


ACSA has been working closely with industry leaders and partners to assemble information to help you respond during this unprecedented time. Click here for the official guidance from the White House in conjunction with the CDC.

With industry partners, we sent letters to Capitol Hill conveying the need for support for the craft distilling industry. See the links on this page to read the letters imploring action from the federal government.

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED: Restaurant Revitalization Fund

ACSA knows the pandemic shuttered tasting rooms throughout the United States. We also recognize it wreaked havoc on the bottom line revenues for you, our members. As a result, we worked with our industry coalition to ensure that tasting rooms were included in the latest round of stimulus funding.

The American Rescue Plan Act established the Restaurant Revitalization Fund (RRF) to provide funding to help restaurants and other eligible businesses keep their doors open. This program will provide restaurants with funding equal to their pandemic-related revenue loss up to $10 million per business and no more than $5 million per physical location. Recipients are not required to repay the funding as long as funds are used for eligible uses no later than March 11, 2023.

22 Senators Sign-on to Seek Deferment of FET Payments
Craft Beverage Coalition Policy Recs.
ACSA Letter to FDA
Craft Beverage Coalition COVID-19 Economic Relief Letter


Welcome to the Marketplace. Whether you are a distiller, supplier, or consumer this marketplace is here to help you:

  • If you are a distillery that has needs in making hand sanitizers and/or surface disinfectants
  • If you are an entity in need of hand sanitizers and/or surface disinfectants
  • If you are a supplier that has resources to assist distillers in making hand sanitizers and/or surface disinfectants

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to spread, a growing number of distilleries are making hand sanitizers and disinfectant spray products to help offset a short supply for local businesses and neighbors. Please note: ACSA does not have the ability to review all distilleries to ensure compliance to all mandates for sanitizer production. We recommend you ask about regulations when connecting with anyone making sanitizer.

If you are a DSP that has made or are making hand sanitizers and/or surface disinfectants and would like to be added to our list, please complete this form. If you have problems completing this form, please send a note to

Distillery Name
Website Address
Dread River Distilling Co.Alabamahttps://www.dreadriver.comJohn Cubelic

Taylor Kelley

Carlton White
Gibson DistillingAlabama
John Emerald Distilling Co.Alabama
Port Chilkoot DistilleryAlaskahttp://www.portchilkootdistillery.comRebecca Kameika
Amalga DistilleryAlaska
Flying Leap Vineyards and DistilleryArizonahttps://flyingleapvineyards.comMark Beres
Grand Canyon DistilleryArizona Bohm
Adventurous StillsArizona
CaskWerks Distilling Co.Arizona
Copper Still DistilleryArizona
Desert Diamond DistilleryArizona
Town Under BlackArizona
Fox Trail DistilleryArkansas
Old Trestle DistilleryCaliforniahttps://www.oldtrestle.comJake Holshue
Los Angeles DistilleryCaliforniahttps://ladistillery.comLewis Harsanyi
Denny Bar Co. DistilleryCalifornia
Desert DistillingCalifornia
Goleta Red Distilling Co.California
Hanson of Sonoma DistilleryCalifornia
Humboldt Craft SpiritsCalifornia
Liberty Call Distilling Co.California
Lightning SpiritsCalifornia
Mike Curphy DistilleryCalifornia
Old World SpiritsCalifornia
Prohibition SpiritsCalifornia
San Diego DistilleryCalifornia
Young & Yonder SpiritsCalifornia
Marian Farmhouse Spirits California
Urban Press SpiritsCalifornia
Black Bear DistilleryColoradohttp://www.blackbeardistillery.comVictor Matthews
Marble Distilling CompanyColoradohttps://marbledistilling.comConnie Baker
Boulder SpiritsColoradohttps://boulder-spirits.comHeidi Nelson
Idlewild SpiritsColoradohttps://www.idlewildspirits.comKacie Fitzpatrick
Talnua DistilleryColoradohttps://www.talnua.comMeagan Miller
Steamboat Whiskey Co.Coloradohttps://www.steamboatwhiskeyco.comNathan Newhall
Spring44 DistillingColoradohttps://www.spring44.comRobin Marisco
Whistling Hare DistilleryColoradohttp://www.whistlinghare.comSandy Harrison
10th Mountain Whiskey & Spirit Co.Coloradohttps://10thwhiskey.comShawn Hogan

Ryan Thompson
3 Hundred Days DistillingColoradohttps://www.3hundreddays.comMike Girard
Axe and the Oak DistilleryColorado
Blue Valley SpiritsColorado
Breckenridge DistilleryColorado
Elevation 5003 DistilleryColoradohttp://www.elevation5003.comLoren Matthews
Lee Spirits Co.Colorado
Leopold Bros.Colorado
Mythology DistilleryColorado
NOCO DistilleryColorado
Spirit Hound DistillersColorado
Litchfield DistilleryConnecticuthttps://litchfielddistillery.comJack Baker
Thrasher's RumDistrict of Columbiahttps://www.thrashersrum.comTodd Thrasher
Lugo’s Craft SpiritsFlorida
Copper Bottom Craft DistilleryFlorida Craig
Sun Coast Loaded Cannon DistilleryFloridahttps://www.loadedcannondistillery.comSteve Milligan
Moonrise DistilleryGeorgia
Old Fourth DistilleryGeorgiahttps://o4d.comRay Franklin

Executive VP

Southern Soul Spirits
Royal Hawaii Spirits DistilleryHawaii
Ardent SpiritsIllinois Reiser
Black Dog DistilleryIllinoishttp://blackdogdistillery.comKeith Moore
Stumpy’s Spirits DistilleryIllinois Stumpf
FEW SpiritsIllinoishttp://www.fewspirits.comPaul Hletko
West Fork Whiskey Co.Indianahttps://www.westforkwhiskey.comBlake Jones
Wind Hill DistilleryIndiana Clifton
Hotel Tango DistilleryIndiana
Spirits of French LickIndiana
Jeptha Creed DistilleryKentuckyhttps://jepthacreed.comJoyce Nethery
Castle & Key DistilleryKentucky
Wilderness Trail DistilleryKentucky
Celebration Distillation Corp.Louisiana
Sugarfield SpiritsLouisiana
Wiggly Bridge DistilleryMainehttp://www.wigglybridgedistillery.comDave Woods
Three of Strong SpiritsMainehttps://www.threeofstrongspirits.comSam Pierce
Twin Valley DistillersMarylandhttps://twinvalleyd.comEdgardo Zuñiga
Sangfroid DistillingMarylandhttps://www.sangfroiddistilling.comJeff Harner
Tenth Ward DistillingMarylandhttps://www.tenthwarddistilling.comMonica Pearce; Mark A. Vierthaler (Head Distiller)
Short Path DistilleryMassachusettshttps://shortpathdistillery.comZachary Robinson
Iron Fish DistilleryMichiganhttps://ironfishdistillery.comRichard Anderson
Griffin Claw Brewing Co.Michiganhttps://griffinclawbrewingcompany.comBob Sandfield
American Fifth SpiritsMichigan
Iron Shoe DistilleryMichigan
Brother JustusMinnesotahttps://brotherjustus.comJames Jefferson
Twin Spirits DistilleryMinnesotahttps://www.twinspirits.usMichelle Winchester
11Wells SpiritsMinnesota
StilL 630 DistilleryMissourihttps://www.still630.comDavid Weglarz
Blacksmith Artisanal SpiritsMissourihttps://blacksmithartisanalspirits.comJohn Broker
Bozeman Spirits DistilleryMontanaBozemanSpirits.comJim Harris
Crawford DistilleryMontanahttps://www.crawforddistillery.comNeil Crawford
Glacier Distilling Co.Montanahttps://www.glacierdistilling.comNicolas Lee
Montgomery DistilleryMontanahttps://www.montgomerydistillery.comRyan Montgomery
Westslope DistilleryMontanahttps://www.westslopedist.comWill Young
Steel Toe DistilleryMontana
Smoky Quartz DistilleryNew Hampshire
Steadfast Spirits Distilling Co.New Hampshire
Lazy Eye DistilleryNew Jersey
Colts Neck StillhouseNew Jerseyhttps://coltsneckstillhouse.comGeoff Karch
Sourland Mountain SpiritsNew Jerseyhttps://www.sourlandspirits.comRay Disch
Claremont DistilleryNew Jersey
Laird & Co.New Jersey
Train Wreck DistilleryNew Jersey
Finger Lakes DistillingNew Yorkhttps://fingerlakesdistilling.comBrian McKenzie
Yoga Pants VodkasNew Yorkhttps://yogapantsvodkas.comCharisse Callahan
1857 Spirits Barber's Farm DistilleryNew Yorkhttp://www.1857spirits.comDorcas Roehrs
New York Distilling Co.New Yorkhttps://www.nydistilling.comTom Potter
Long Island SpiritsNew York
Van Brunt StillhouseNew York
Fainting Goat SpiritsNorth Carolina
Copper Barrel DistilleryNorth Carolinahttps://copperbarrel.comGeorge Smith
Lonerider SpiritsNorth Carolinahttps://loneriderspirits.comChris Mielke
Apothecary Beverage Co.North Carolinahttps://www.chemistspirits.comDebbie Word
Bogue Sound DistilleryNorth Carolinaboguesounddistillery.comRichard Chapman
TOPO Organic SpiritsNorth Carolinahttp://www.topodistillery.comScott Maitland
Seven Jars DistilleryNorth Carolina
Red Pine DistilleryNorth Dakotahttps://www.redpinedistillery.comTyler Seim
Middle West SpiritsOhiohttps://middlewestspirits.comBrady Konya
Karrikin Spirits Co.Ohiohttps://karrikinspirits.comJeff Hunt & Matt Groves
Indian Creek DistilleryOhio
Martin Ryan Distilling Co.Oregon Martin
Sinister DistillingOregon Howard
Shine SpiritsOregonhttps://shinedistillerygrill.comJon Poteet
Oregon Grain Growers Brand DistilleryOregon
Thinking Tree SpiritsOregon
Conneaut Cellars DistilleryPennsylvania Wolf
Bluebird DistillingPennsylvaniahttps://bluebirddistilling.comJared Adkins
Lang Beverage Co.Pennsylvaniahttps://www.langbeverage.orgJonathan Lang
Palmer Distilling Co.Pennsylvania
Bella BambiniPennsylvania
Little Water DistilleryPennsylvania
Newport Distilling Co.Rhode Islandhttps://newportcraft.comJames Rodrigues
Six and Twenty DistillerySouth Carolinahttps://www.sixandtwentydistillery.comDavid Raad
Old Forge DistilleryTennesseehttps://oldforgedistillery.comKeener Shanton
Leiper's Fork DistilleryTennesseehttps://leipersforkdistillery.comLee Kennedy
East Tennessee DistilleryTennessee
AFT DistilleryTexashttps://www.aftdistillery.comAlexandra Cantwell
South Texas DistilleryTexashttp://www.southtexasdistillery.comChris Cooper
Dripping Springs DistillingTexashttps://drippingspringsdistilling.comDee Kelleher
Thorn DistilleryTexashttps://www.drinkthorn.comRyan Serrano
Deep Ellum DIstilleryTexashttp://deepellumvodka.comStuart Vance
Front Porch DistilleryTexashttps://www.frontporchdistillery.comT. Bradford
Coastal Bend Distilling Co.Texashttp://www.coastalbenddistillingco.comTravis Arreaga
Andalusia Whiskey Co.Texashttps://www.andalusiawhiskey.comTy Phelps
Dallas Distilleries
New World DistilleryUtahhttp://www.newworlddistillery.comAshley Cross
Smugglers' Notch DistilleryVermonthttps://www.smugglersnotchdistillery.comJeremy Elliott
Saxtons DistilleryVermonthttps://www.saxtonsdistillery.comChristian Stromberg
James River DistilleryVirginia Staples
Belmont Farm DistilleryVirginiahttps://www.belmontfarmdistillery.comChuck Miller
Quartz Mountain DistillersWashington
Admiralty DistillersWashingtonhttp://admiraltydistillers.comJake Soule
The Hardware Distillery Co.Washingtonhttp://www.thehardwaredistillery.comJan Morris
Sandstone DistilleryWashingtonhttps://www.sandstonedistillery.comJohn or Justin Bourdon
BainBridge Organic DistillersWashingtonhttp://www.bainbridgedistillers.comKeith Barnes
2 bar SpiritsWashingtonhttps://www.2barspirits.comNathan Kaiser
Ellensburg DistilleryWashington Bullock
San Juan Island DistilleryWashington
Hatch Distilling Co.Wisconsinhttp://www.hatchdistilling.comChristopher Roedl
Central Standard Craft DistilleryWisconsinhttps://thecentralstandard.comEvan Hughes
45th Parallel DistilleryWisconsinhttps://45thparalleldistillery.comPaul Werni
Hendricks Family DistilleryWisconsinhttp://pureclassvodka.comPeggy Hendricks
Montanya DistillersColoradohttps://www.montanyarum.comKaren Hoskin
Old Black Bear Brewing CompanyAlabama
Yellowhammer BrewingAlabama
Fairbanks Distilling Co.Alaskahttps://fairbanksdistilling.comPatrick Levy
Alaskan Spirits DistilleryAlaska
Cook Inlet DistilleryAlaska
Arizona Craft BeverageArizonahttp://azcraftbev.comGary Ellam
Whiskey Del BacArizonahttps://www.whiskeydelbac.comStephen Paul
Arizona SpiritsArizona
Canyon Diablo SpiritsArizona
Rock Town DistilleryArkansashttp://www.rocktowndistillery.comPhil Brandon
Crystal Ridge DistilleryArkansas
Postmaster SpiritsArkansas
Alchemy DistilleryCaliforniahttps://alchemydistillery.comAmy and Steve Bohner
Re:Find DistilleryCaliforniahttp://www.refinddistillery.comAlex Villicana
Amador & Dry Diggings DistilleryCaliforniahttps://www.drydiggings.comCris Steller
Stark Spirits DistilleryCaliforniahttp://starkspirits.comGreg Stark
Griffo DistilleryCaliforniahttps://griffodistillery.comMichael Griffo
Pacific Coast SpiritsCaliforniahttps://paccoastspirits.comNicholas Hammond
Bethel Rd. DistilleryCaliforniahttps://bethelrddistillery.comMax Udsen
KROBĀR Craft DistilleryCaliforniahttp://www.krobardistillery.comStephen Kroener
117 West SpiritsCalifornia°-west-spirits-1
Alley 6 Craft DistilleryCalifornia
Azeo DistilleryCalifornia
Blinking Owl DistilleryCalifornia
CALI DistilleryCalifornia
Calwise Spirits Co.California
Charbay DistilleryCalifornia
Cutwater SpiritsCalifornia
Dead of Night DistilleryCalifornia
Devils Creek DistilleryCalifornia
Dogtown Distilling LLCCalifornia
Drift DistilleryCalifornia
Endless WestCalifornia
Falcon Spirits DistilleryCaliforniahttp://falconspirits.comFarid Dormishian
Greenbar DistilleryCalifornia
JJ Pfister Distilling Co.California
Loch & Union DistillingCalifornia
Malahat SpiritsCaliforniahttps://www.malahatspirits.comKen Lee
Misadventure & Co.California
Napa Valley DistilleryCalifornia
New Alchemy DistilingCalifornia
Portuguese Bend DistillingCalifornia
R6 DistilleryCalifornia
Savage & CookeCalifornia
Seven Caves SpiritsCalifornia
Sipsong SpiritsCalifornia
Spirit Works DistilleryCalifornia
St. George Spirits, Inc.Californiahttp://stgeorgespirits.comLance Winters
Surf City Still WorksCalifornia
Sutherland Distilling Co.California
The California Spirits Co.California
Ventura Spirits Co.California
Wright & Brown DistillingCalifornia
Denver DistilleryColoradohttps://www.denverdistillery.comchris anderson-tarver
Ironton Distillery & CrafthouseColoradohttps://irontondistillery.comKallyn Romero
Wood's High Mountain DistlleryColoradohttps://woodsdistillery.comPT Wood

Lee Wood
Golden MoonColoradohttp://goldenmoondistillery.comStephen Gould
1874 DistillingColorado
Ballmer Peak DistilleryColorado
Colorado Gold DistilleryColorado
Deviation DistillingColorado
Fraser Valley DistillingColorado
J and L Distilling Co.Colorado
Local DistillingColoradohttps://vanjakvodka.comJon Guelzow
Mad Rabbit DistilleryColoradohttp://www.madrabbitdistillery.netPaul Page
Mystic Mountain DistilleryColoradohttps://www.montanyarum.comBobby Martin
On Point DistilleryColorado
Rising Sun DistilleryColorado
The Family
Fifth State DistilleryConnecticuthttp://fifthstatedistillery.comRobert Schulten
SoNo 1420 American Craft DistillersConnecticut
Beach Time DistillingDelawarehttps://www.beachtimedistilling.comGreg Christmas (Cofounder)
Painted Stave DistillingDelaware Rasmussen
Dogfish Head Distilling Co.Delaware
Cotton & Reed Rum DistilleryDistrict of Columbiahttps://www.cottonandreed.comReed Walker
One Eight DistillingDistrict of Columbia Wood
Republic Restoratives DistilleryDistrict of Columbiahttps://republicrestoratives.comPia Carusone, CEO
Loggerhead DistilleryFloridahttp://loggerheaddistillery.comColby Thiesen
Cerberus Craft DistilleryFloridahttps://darkdoorspirits.comMatt Allen
Rollins DistilleryFloridahttp://rollinsdistillery.comPatrick Rollins
St. Augustine DistilleryFloridahttp://staugustinedistillery.comPhilip McDaniel
Tampa Bay Rum Co.Floridahttps://www.gasparillarum.comSamuel Meyers (owner)
Ziami DistilleryFloridahttps://www.ziamirum.comVictor Olshansky
ChainBridge DistilleryFlorida Nahori
Kozuba & Sons DistilleryFlorida
List DistilleryFlorida
Manifest DistillingFlorida
Ology DistillingFlorida
Tarpon Springs DistilleryFlorida
The Point DistilleryFlorida
Wicked Dolphin Rum DistilleryFlorida
Swamp Fox DistillingGeorgia Moon
ASW DistilleryGeorgia
Ghost Coast DistilleryGeorgia
Hope Springs DistilleryGeorgia
LITT SpiritsGeorgia
Koloa Rum Co.Hawaiihttps://koloarum.comBob Gunter
Island DistillersHawaiihttps://www.islanddistillers.comDave Flintstone
Hawaii Sea SpiritsHawaii
Ko‘olau DistilleryHawaii
Warfield DistilleryIdahohttps://drinkwarfield.comAlex Buck
Bardenay DistilleriesIdaho Probert
Mill Town DistilleryIdahohttps://milltownstill.comJessie Vachon
KOVAL DistilleryIllinois Boler
Quincy Street DistilleryIllinois
Witness DistilleryIllinois
Chicago Distilling Co.Illinoishttp://chicagodistilling.comJay DiPrizio
28 Mile Vodka Co.Illinoishttps://28milevodka.comMattt Greif
Blaum Bros. Distilling Co.Illinoishttps://www.blaumbros.comMike Blaum
CH DistilleryIllinoishttps://chdistillery.comTremaine Atkinson
Grantview DistilleryIllinois
Kennay Farms DistillingIllinoishttp://www.kennayfarmsdistilling.comRick Kennay
Mid Oak DistilleryIllinois
North Shore DistilleryIllinois
Rush Creek
Skeptic Distillery Co.Illinois
Star Union SpiritsIllinois
Thornton DistillingIllinois
Whisky Acres Distilling Co.Illinois
Windy City Distilling, Inc.Illinois
Huber's Starlight DistilleryIndiana Huber
Three Rivers Distilling CompanyIndiana Bercaw
Cardinal SpiritsIndianahttps://www.cardinalspirits.comAdam Quirk
18th Street DistilleryIndianahttps://www.18thstreetdistillery.comRaven
Crossroads DistilleryIndiana
The Old Copper Still Distilling Co.Indiana
Three Floyds DistillingIndiana
Cedar Ridge DistilleryIowahttps://crwine.comJeff Quint & Murphy Quint
Dehner DistilleryIowahttp://www.dehnerdistillery.comJoseph Dehner
American Heritage DistillersIowa
Foundry Distilling Co.Iowa
Iowa Distilling CompanyIowa
Lonely Oak DistilleryIowa Hoffmannn
Mississippi River Distilling Co.Iowa
S & B Farmstead DistilleryIowa
Boot Hill DistilleryKansashttps://www.boothilldistillery.comHayes Kelman
Buck Monster DistilleryKansas
Union Horse Distilling Co.Kansas
Casey Jones DistilleryKentucky Hays
Barrell Craft SpiritsKentucky
Barrel House Distilling Co.Kentucky
Barton 1792 DistilleryKentucky
Bluegrass DistillersKentucky
Buffalo Trace DistilleryKentucky
Distilled Spirits EpicenterKentucky
Glenmore DistilleryKentucky
James E. Pepper Distilling Co.Kentucky
Kentucky Mountain MoonshineKentucky
Louisville Distilling Co.Kentucky
MB Roland DistilleryKentucky
Moonshine UniversityKentucky
Rabbit Hole DistilleryKentucky
Roulaison Distilling Co.Louisianahttps://www.roulaison.comAndrew Lohfeld
Happy Raptor DistillingLouisianahttps://www.happyraptor.comMark Taliancich (Co-Founder, CEO, Head Distiller)
Cajun Spirits DistilleryLouisiana
Cane Land Distilling Co.Louisiana
Fruge Spirits (JT Meleck)Louisianahttp://jtmeleck.comCourtney Fruge
Louisiana SpiritsLouisiana
Lula Restaurant DistilleryLouisiana
Porchjam DistillationLouisianaporch-jam.comJason Zeno
Yellowfin Distillery, LLCLouisiana
Mossy Ledge SpiritsMaine
Shmidt SpiritsMarylandhttp://www.shmidtspirits.comArthur Shmidt
Baltimore Spirits Co.Marylandhttps://baltimorespiritsco.comMax Lents
MISCellaneous DistilleryMarylandhttps://www.miscdistillery.comMeg McNeill
Lost Ark Distilling CompanyMaryland
Lyon Distilling Co.Maryland
McClintock DistillingMarylandhttp://www.mcclintockdistilling.comBraeden Bumpers
Old Line SpiritsMaryland
Sagamore SpiritsMaryland
Seacrets Distilling Co.Maryland
Southern Trail DistilleryMaryland
Ryan & WoodMassachusettshttps://www.ryanandwood.comBob Ryan
Dirty Water DistilleryMassachusettshttp://www.dirtywaterdistillery.comPepi Avizonis
GrandTen DistillingMassachusetts
Silver Bear DistilleryMassachusetts
Triple Eight DistilleryMassachusetts
Coppercraft DistilleryMichiganhttps://coppercraftdistillery.comBrian Mucci
Ann Arbor Distilling Co.Michiganhttps://www.annarbordistilling.comJohn Britton
Traverse City Whiskey Co.Michiganhttp://www.tcwhiskey.comJared Rapp
Long Road DistillersMichiganhttps://longroaddistillers.comKyle VanStrien
New Holland SpiritsMichigan Hayes
Northern Latitudes DistilleryMichiganhttps://www.northernlatitudesdistillery.comMark Moseler
Mammoth DistillingMichiganhttps://mammothdistilling.comCollin Gaudard
Michigrain DistilleryMichiganhttp://michigrain.netScott Ellis
Journeyman DistilleryMichiganhttps://www.journeymandistillery.comTom Balich
Green Door Distilling Co.Michiganhttps://greendoordistilling.comTyler Glasser
Bier DistilleryMichiganhttp://bierdistillery.comJoel Bierling
Detroit City DistilleryMichigan
Eastern Kille DistilleryMichigan
Foggy Mountain Spirit CompanyMichigan
Grand Traverse DistilleryMichigan
Motor City GasMichiganhttp://motorcitygas.comRich Lockwood
Sanctuary SpiritsMichigan
Ugly Dog DistilleryMichigan
Wonderland DistillingMichigan
Vikre DistilleryMinnesotahttp://www.vikredistillery.comJoel Vikre

Erin Otis
J. Carver DistilleryMinnesotahttps://www.jcarverdistillery.comGina Holman
Copperwing DistilleryMinnesotahttps://www.copperwingdistillery.comKyle Kettering
Flying Dutchman SpiritsMinnesota
Loon Liquor Co.Minnesotahttps://loonliquors.square.siteSimeon Rossi
5Rocks Distilling Co.Minnesota
Du Nord Craft SpiritsMinnesotahttp://www.dunordcraftspirits.comChris Montana
Harmony SpiritsMinnesota
RockFilter DistilleryMinnesota
Royal Foundry Craft SpiritsMinnesota
Tattersall Distilling Co.Minnesotahttps://tattersalldistilling.comJon Kreidler / Chief Officer
Cathead DistilleryMississippihttps://catheaddistillery.comRichard Patrick
J. Rieger & Co.Missourihttps://www.jriegerco.comLucy Rieger
Restless Spirits Distilling Co.Missouri Shannon
Wood Hat SpiritsMissourihttp://www.woodhatspirits.comGary Hinegardner
Holladay DistilleryMissouri
Lifted Spirits DistillationMissouri
Sugarmill DistillingMissouri
Whistling Andy DistilleryMontana
Willie's DistilleryMontanahttps://www.williesdistillery.comRobin Blazer
Headframe SpiritsMontana
Gulch DistillersMontana
Spotted Bear SpiritsMontana
Wildrye DistillingMontana
Loup River DistillingNebraska
Bently Heritage Estate DistilleryNevada
Las Vegas DistilleryNevada
Whipple Brewing & DistilleryNevada
Djinn SpiritsNew Hampshire
Flag Hill DistilleryNew Hampshire
The Sea Hagg DistilleryNew Hampshire
Corgi SpiritsNew Jersey
Independent Spirits Co.New Jersey
Tadmore Distilling Co.New
Santa Fe SpiritsNew Mexicohttps://santafespirits.comColin Keegan
Gardiner Liquid MercantileNew Yorkhttp://www.gardinerliquidmercantile.comGable Erenzo
Gravesande Braxton DistillersNew York
Kings County DistilleryNew Yorkhttp://kingscountydistillery.comColin Spoelman
Adirondack Distilling Co.New York Karp
Lake George Distilling Co.New Yorkhttps://www.lakegeorgedistillingcompany.comJohn McDougall
Old Home DistillersNew Yorkhttp://www.oldhomedistillers.comAdam Carvell
Black Button DistillingNew York
Cayuga IngredientsNew York
Dark SpiritsNew York
Hall Island DistilleryNew York
Hudson Valley DistillersNew York
Interboro Spirits & AlesNew York
Iron Smoke WhiskeyNew York
KAS SpiritsNew York
Lock 1 Distilling Co.New York
Lockhouse DistilleryNew York
Nahmias et Fils DistilleryNew York
North Fork SpiritsNew York
Prohibition DistilleryNew York
Saint Lawrence SpiritsNew York
The Albany Distilling Co.New York
The Better Man Distilling CompanyNew York
Tommyrotter DistilleryNew York
Tuthilltown SpiritsNew York
Uncle Jumbo's DistilleryNew York
Holman DIstilleryNorth Carolina
Graybeard DistilleryNorth Carolina
Doc Porter's DistilleryNorth Carolinahttps://www.docporters.comLiz Porter
Southern Distilling Co.North Carolinahttps://www.southerndistillingcompany.comS. Vienna Barger
Oak & Grist Distilling Co.North Carolinahttps://www.oakandgrist.comWilliam Goldberg
Broad Branch DistilleryNorth Carolina
Call Family DistillersNorth Carolina
Durham DistilleryNorth Carolinahttps://durhamdistillery.comMelissa Katrincic
Elevated Mountain Distilling Co.North Carolina
Howling Moon DistilleryNorth Carolina
Mother Earth SpiritsNorth Carolina
Muddy River DistilleryNorth Carolina
Seventy Eight C SpiritsNorth Carolina
Three Stacks Distilling Co.North Carolina
Maple River DistilleryNorth Dakota
Toledo Spirits Co.Ohiohttps://www.toledospirits.comDustin Wade
Belle of DaytonOhio
Brain Brew VenturesOhio
Candella Micro-DistilleryOhio
Cleveland WhiskeyOhio
Flat Rock SpiritsOhio
High Bank DistilleryOhio
Iron Vault DistilleryOhio
Watershed DistilleryOhio
Prairie Wolf SpiritsOklahomahttps://www.prairiewolfspirits.comErik Tekell
Cane Creek DistilleryOklahoma
Red Fork DistilleryOklahoma
Organic Alcohol Co.Oregonhttps://organicalcohol.comAaren Glover
Rogue Ales & SpiritsOregonhttps://www.rogue.comAmanda Zessin
SpiritopiaOregonhttp://www.spiritopia.comChris Beatty
McMenamins IncOregonhttps://www.mcmenamins.comClark McCool
Stone Barn BrandyworksOregon
Swallowtail SpiritsOregonhttps://swallowtailspirits.comKevin Barrett
Freeland SpiritsOregonhttps://www.freelandspirits.comMolly Troupe
BackDrop DistillingOregon
Crescendo SpiritsOregon
Divine DistillersOregon
Ewing Young DistilleryOregon
New Basin Distilling Co.Oregon
New Deal DistilleryOregon
Oregon Spirit DistillersOregon
Pilot House DistillingOregonhttps://www.pilothousedistilling.comChristina Cary
Rose City DistillingOregon
Hook & Irons DistilleryPennsylvania
Luminary DistillingPennsylvaniahttp://www.luminarydistilling.comMaria
Boardroom SpiritsPennsylvaniahttps://boardroomspirits.comMarat Mamedov
Dead Lightning DistilleryPennsylvania
Cloonaughill CelticMaltsPennsylvaniahttp://wellagedwhiskeycompany.comRiannon Walsh
Maggie's Farm (Allegheny Distilling)Pennsylvaniahttps://www.maggiesfarmrum.comTimothy Russell
Cart/Horse DistillingPennsylvaniahttps://www.carthorsedistilling.comJessica Lemmon
Christmas City SpiritsPennsylvania
CJ SpiritsPennsylvania
Crooked Creek DistilleryPennsylvania
Crostwater Distilled SpiritsPennsylvania
Eight Oaks Farm Distillery Pennsylvaniahttps://eightoaksdistillery.comChad Butters
Faber Distilling Co.Pennsylvania
Kilimanjaro DistilleryPennsylvania
Liberty Pole SpiritsPennsylvania
Lucky Sign SpiritsPennsylvania
Mason Dixon DistilleryPennsylvania
Midstate DistilleryPennsylvania
New Liberty DistilleryPennsylvaniahttps://newlibertydistillery.comRobert Cassell
Pennsylvania Distilling Co.Pennsylvania
Philadelphia DistillingPennsylvania
Quantum SpiritsPennsylvania
Red Brick DistilleryPennsylvania
Social StillPennsylvania
Triple Sun Spirits Co.Pennsylvaniahttps://www.triplesunspirits.comKristofer Kwant
Wigle WhiskeyPennsylvania
San Juan Artisan DistillersPuerto Rico
Palmetto DistillerySouth Carolinahttps://www.palmettomoonshine.comBryan Boggs
Hilton Head DistillerySouth Carolinahttps://hiltonheaddistillery.comJoe Fenten
Twelve 33 DistillerySouth Carolinahttps://twelve33distillery.comKevin Osborn
Firefly DistillerySouth Carolina
High Wire Distilling Co.South Carolina
Nippitaty DistillerySouth Carolina
Straw Hat DIstillerySouth Carolina
Striped Pig DistillerySouth Carolina
Swamp Fox DistillingSouth Carolina
Badlands DistillerySouth Dakotahttps://badlandsdistillery.comMark Eschenbacher
BlackFork SpiritsSouth Dakota
Old Dominick DistilleryTennesseehttps://olddominick.comAlex Castle
Sugarlands Distilling Co.Tennesseehttps://www.sugarlands.comGreg Eidam
Old Glory Distilling Co.Tennesseehttps://oldglorydistilling.comMatt Cunningham
Pennington Distilling Co.Tennesseehttps://penningtondistillingco.comShannon Miller
Corsair DistilleryTennesseehttps://www.corsairdistillery.comTyler Crowell, COO
Big Machine DistilleryTennessee
Black Dog DistillingTennessee
Gate 11 DistilleryTennesseehttps://gate11distillery.comBill Lee
Nelson's Greenbrier DistilleryTennessee
Old Smoky DistilleryTennessee
PostModern DistillingTennessee
MKT DistilleryTexas
Garrison Brothers DistilleryTexashttps://www.garrisonbros.comDan Garrison
Flanigan's Texas Distillery & WineryTexas Flanigan
Violet Crown SpiritsTexashttp://derelictairship.comJessica Leigh Graves
Tahwahkaro Distilling Co.Texashttp://www.tahwahkaro.comJustin Jackson
BENDT Distilling Co.Texashttps://www.bendtdistillingco.comNatasha DeHart
Treaty Oak DistillingTexas Powell
Gulf Coast DistillersTexashttps://www.gulfcoastdistillers.comSarah Gifford
Balcones DistillingTexashttps://balconesdistilling.comThomas Mote
Salvation SpiritsTexashttp://salvation-spirits.comTrey Blocker
Austonian SpiritsTexas
Banner Distilling Co.Texashttp://bannerdistilling.comLogan Simpson, Head Distiller
Blackland DistilleryTexas
Duckworth DistilleryTexas
Fire Oak DistilleryTexashttp://www.fireoakdistillery.comGuy Endsley
Firestone and Robertson Distilling Co.Texas
Rebecca Creek DistilleryTexashttps://www.rebeccacreekdistillery.comAndy Escalona
Revolution SpiritsTexas
Silver Nickel DistilleryTexas
Southwest SpiritsTexas
Still Austin Whiskey Co.Texas
The Highway DistilleryTexas
Yellow Rose DistillingTexas
Alpine DistillingUtahhttps://www.alpinedistilling.comRobert Sergent
Distillery 36Utah
Hammer Spring DistillersUtah
Ogden's Own DistilleryUtah
Outlaw DistilleryUtahhttp://outlawdistillery.comKirk Sedgwick
Salt Flat SpiritsUtah
Sugar House DistilleryUtah
SILO DistilleryVermonthttps://www.silodistillery.comErin Bell
Mad River DistillersVermonthttps://www.madriverdistillers.comMimi Buttenheim
Caledonia SpiritsVermont
Dida's DistilleryVirginia Delmare
Copper Fox DistilleryVirginiahttps://www.copperfoxdistillery.comRick Wasmund
Reservoir DistilleryVirginiahttps://www.reservoirdistillery.comDavid Cuttino
Ironclad Distillery Co.Virginiahttps://www.ironcladdistillery.comKara King
Springfield DistilleryVirginia
Tarnished Truth Distilling Co.Virginiahttp://www.tarnishedtruth.comAndrew Yancey
Blue Sky DistilleryVirginia
Catoctin CreekVirginiahttps://catoctincreekdistilling.comScott Harris
KO DistillingVirginia
Mt. Defiance Cidery & DistilleryVirginia
Silverback DistilleryVirginia
Twin Creeks DistilleryVirginia
Temple DistillingWashingtonhttps://www.templedistilling.comAJ Temple
Dry Fly DistillingWashingtonhttp://dryflydistilling.comDon Poffenroth
Copperworks Distilling Co.Washingtonhttps://copperworksdistilling.comJason Parker
Wildwood Spirits Co.Washington
Westland DistilleryWashingtonhttps://westlanddistillery.comMatt Hofmann
BROVO SPIRITSWashingtonhttps://brovospirits.comMHAIRI VOELSGEN
Skunk Brothers SpiritsWashingtonhttps://www.skunkbrothersspirits.comScott Donoho
Glass DistilleryWashington
Batch 206 DistilleryWashington
Black Heron Spirits DistilleryWashington
Blue Spirits DistillingWashington
Cadee DistilleryWashington
Centennial SpiritsWashington
Fremont Mischief DistilleryWashingtonhttps://fremontmischief.comPatti Bishop
Heritage Distilling Co.Washington
Highside DistillingWashington
Letterpress DistillingWashington
Mastrogiannis DistilleryWashington
OOLA DistilleryWashington
Orcas DistilleryWashington
Scratch DistilleryWashington
SeaSpirits Distillery Washington
Second Chance SpiritsWashington
Solar SpiritsWashington
Valley Shine DistilleryWashington
Black Draft DistilleryWest
Isaiah Morgan DistilleryWest Virginia
Smooth AmblerWest Virginia
Twisted Path DistilleryWisconsinhttps://www.twistedpathdistillery.comBrian Sammons Founder & Distiller
Great Northern DistillingWisconsinhttp://www.greatnortherndistilling.comBrian Cummins
Yahara Bay DistillersWisconsinhttp://www.yaharabay.comNels Forde
Minhas DistilleryWisconsinhttp://minhasdistillery.comRavinder Minhas
Driftless Glen DistilleryWisconsinhttps://driftlessglen.comRenee Bemis
Dancing Goat DistilleryWisconsin
Doundrins DistillingWisconsin
La Crosse Distilling Co.Wisconsin
Northern Waters DistilleryWisconsin
Old Sugar DistilleryWisconsin
State Line DistilleryWisconsin
Backwards Distilling Co.Wyominghttps://backwardsdistilling.comAmber Pollock
Pine Bluffs DistillingWyominghttps://pinebluffsdistilling.comChad Brown
Chronicles DistillingWyoming
Jackson Hole StillworksWyoming
Koltiska DistilleryWyominghttp://www.koltiska.comJason Koltiska
Split Rock DistillingMaine
Dalton DistilleryGeorgia
Bluegrass BottlingKentucky


If your distillery is manufacturing, packaging, or labeling hand sanitizer for distribution either for sale or donation, or manufacturing ethanol for use by others in making sanitizer, you must register and list these products with the FDA. For more information, refer to the guidance on this page.

Craft distilleries around the country are stepping in to help alleviate our national shortage of sanitizing solutions. Two products in particular are in high demand: 60% ABV hand sanitizer and 80% ABV sanitary spray for surface disinfection. ACSA is working closely with TTB, FDA, and other government agencies to ensure DSPs have the appropriate regulatory guidance to safely produce and distribute. As an industry, we must adhere to newly released guidelines. We have a responsibility to make sure those guidelines are followed by each distillery producing sanitizers/solutions. The guidelines were created to maintain standards for safety and efficacy, so taking every necessary step to completely follow guidance is not a choice: it is imperative.

Concerned with Production, Labeling or Distribution of Sanitizers? 

If you believe hand sanitizer or ethanol for use by hospitals and compounding pharmacies in making sanitizers is inconsistent with recent federal regulations and guidelines, please fill out the form below. You may anonymously submit information. The ACSA Ethics Committee will review any concerns and reach out directly to the complainee.


Check out this great resource for DSPs making hand sanitizer: a template SDS Form. If you are producing hand sanitizer, you can fill out this writable PDF with your information or use as a template for your needs.



On April 3, the U.S. Treasury Department released fact sheets on the new Paycheck Protection loan program.  During our webinar, we knew that more information would be forthcoming.  The loans will be available on April 3, 2020.  We wanted to make sure you had this document as soon as possible if you will be seeking a loan for your small business.  You can access the complimentary archived webinar here. The guidance is below. Here is a list of helpful resources and articles as you navigate decisions about staffing, tasting room operations, insurance and more:



Craft Distiller Survey Findings Reveal Grim Future for Nation’s 2,000 Small Distillers. Read press release.


Distilleries are adapting to this changing environment by modifying their operations to connect with customers in a safe and ethical manner. Check out these critical best practices for managing tasting room operations for to-go or curbside service.


As DSPs are given the greenlight to reopen their tasting rooms, there are many questions. No doubt, the pandemic has permanently changed the way we live, work and play. ACSA put together these recommendations to consider so you may operate successfully in this new era.

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