The American Craft Spirits Association is the only registered national non-profit trade group representing the U.S. craft spirits industry. Members vote for the 15 democratically elected representatives who make up the Board of Directors, and this Board collectively works to govern the ACSA in a transparent, responsive manner and in accordance with our bylaws.


The greatest spirits are universally recognized as coming from our member producers, and they are enjoyed responsibly everywhere in the world.


To elevate and advocate for the community of craft spirits producers.


  1. Build Membership
  2. Improve Governance
  3. Drive Brand Awareness & Political Clout
  4. Promote/Create Favorable Environment for Members


The ACSA acknowledges diversity in distillery leadership, and various positions throughout the industry continue to be a problem. Thus, we are committed to creating and fostering an environment that is welcoming and accepting of all individuals, and ensuring that all members of our community are treated with dignity and respect. We believe that a person’s background, identity, or beliefs, should not be a hindrance to their being in a position to contribute.


Membership in ACSA is open to anyone, although Voting Members must be independent licensed distillers with a valid DSP, subscribe to ACSA’s Code of Ethics, have operating control of the DSP, and annually produce fewer than 750,000 proof gallons removed from bond (the amount on which excise taxes are paid). In case terms, 750,000 proof gallons is 315,451 9-liter cases (12 750 ml bottles) of 100 proof spirit.

A DSP may not be a Voting Member if another producer of distilled spirits whose combined annual production of distilled spirits from all sources exceeds 750,000 proof gallons removed from bond and does not have operating control control over the DSP. “Operating control” for purposes of this Section means access to and management of the distillery operations. Proof Gallons to Cases Worksheet 

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