Descriptions of ACSA Committees

MEMBERSHIP – to help define benefits, grow both voting and affiliate members, and provide true value for member dollars.

JUDGING – to help further refine judging protocols and submission guidelines to enhance ACSA’s Craft Spirits Judging, identify industry experts to augment our roster of qualified judges and stewards, and provide suggestions for elevating this competition to be the best in the country.

TECHNOLOGY – to help redesign the ACSA website and keep ACSA’s technology current and relevant to maximize outreach to the alcohol beverage industry and consumer and increase member engagement through our social media channels and member forums.

EDUCATION – to direct and help implement education and training for craft spirits producers through webinars, convention education, regional programs, and white papers.

CONVENTION – to suggest sites, keynote speakers, social activities and design, marketing strategies, convention flow, and improvements to vendor trade show.

ETHICS – to establish and maintain the highest standard of excellence in the craft spirits industry through publishing and enforcing a Code of Ethics, social responsibility standards, and advertising and digital media guidelines.

FINANCE – to create, monitor, and reconcile an annual budget, submit all necessary state and national corporate 501(c)(6) filings, and develop and publish Best Corporate Practices Policies and Procedures.

GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS – to identify issues and lobby for solutions at a national level on the most pressing items to the craft spirits producers and to issue spot and seek resolution on national regulatory compliance issues, particularly with the TTB and FDA.

DEVELOPMENT – to identify and examine sponsorship relationships to further elevate craft spirits producers and to assist in raising sponsorship funds through supplier outreach.

STATE GUILDS – to serve as the national conduit between and information source for all state guilds, building upon common issues and solutions for enhancing craft spirits producers.

ELECTIONS – to help nominate potential candidates to serve on the ACSA Board of Directors and ensure a fair, electoral process.

SAFETY – to support safe and compliant distillery operations through education & guidance, as well as the generation and distribution of useful materials.

ACSA PAC – The ACSA-PAC has been formed to support our efforts. The funds raised will be used exclusively for the purpose of supporting candidates and officeholders, as well as associated events known to be in support of our industry, including permanence of the excise tax reduction and other legislative priorities set by the membership and Board of Directors. Registration and activities of the ACSA-PAC are strictly regulated by the Federal Election Commission and we will vigorously adhere to those regulations.

MENTORSHIP – the mentorship committee will conceive, evaluate, and implement methods to provide new distilleries with a sense of engagement and belonging to the ACSA community. The committee may, for example, focus on convention engagement and narrowly focused website content to build a strong, interconnected “family” to embrace the sense of “we’re in it together.”

MARKET ACCESS COMMITTEE – to review the landscape and assist states facilitate distribution of spirits directly to the consumer through legislation that provides parity with other alcohol categories.

AD HOC: CERTIFICATION COMMITTEE – to develop and implement a comprehensive program acknowledging craft spirits products from our community.

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