The ACSA Guide to Starting and Operating a Distillery E-Book



Now Available for Pre-Order: The ACSA Guide to Starting and Operating a Distillery E-Book

This spring, the American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA) is launching an exclusive e-book, “The ACSA Guide to Starting and Operating a Distillery.” The peer-reviewed guide is a comprehensive compendium of expert insights detailing all of the tools and techniques that new distilleries need to get their businesses up and running and help ensure a prosperous future. In addition to serving as a textbook for craft spirits producers in their first one to three years in operation, it’s an invaluable resource for onboarding new members of your team, as well as a reference for existing staff to gain a more holistic view of how a distillery operates. 

Topics include: 

  1. The Fundamentals of Distilling
  2. Funding a Start-Up Distillery and Other Key Financial Considerations 
  3. Crafting a Business Plan
  4. Distillery Location Selection 
  5. Distillery Architecture & Construction
  6. Distribution Contracts
  7. Self-Distribution
  8. Tasting Room Management
  9. Developing a Brand 
  10. Sales, Marketing & Social Media 
  11. Working with TTB
  12. State-by-State Compliance
  13. Distillery Safety 
  14. Packaging 

…And much more! 

The regular price for the e-book is $199 for ACSA members and $349 for non-members. Please note that if you are an ACSA member, you will need to be logged in to our site to see member pricing.

The ACSA Guide to Starting and Operating a Distillery includes contributions from Jeff Kanof (Copperworks Distilling), Jeff Quint (Cedar Ridge Distillery), Mark Shilling (Shilling Crafted and Susto Mezcal), Mark A. Vierthaler (Whiskey Del Bac), Teri Quimby, Esq. (Spirits Industry Attorney & Law Professor), Christian Kahle (Lucky Sign Spirits), Colleen Moore (Dalkita Architects) and Gary Yurt (Industrial Safety & Training Services). It’s edited by Jeff Cioletti and Jon Page, editors of CRAFT SPIRITS magazine.

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