Developed for the community of craft spirits producers, the ACSA Convention and Vendor Trade Show brings together distillers and suppliers to harness the energy of the industry. In the past years, ACSA has educated 1000s to strengthen the safety and prosperity of the trade and has provided a platform to network and explore products and services from our suppliers. See what convention is upcoming and take a peek at what you might have missed.

2019 Convention

Distillers’ Convention & Vendor Trade Show
February 10-12, 2019
The Hyatt Regency, Minneapolis, MN

Brace yourself for the Bold North and join fellow producers and other industry experts for the largest gathering of licensed craft spirits producers in the U.S.

The primary purpose of the ACSA convention education is to assist members to develop, maintain, and grow craft distilleries that are prosperous in terms of financial stability, safety, regulatory compliance, and the production of incomparable craft spirits. This includes but is not limited to addressing production, safety, marketing, sales, distribution, regulation, and best business practices. The overarching goal is to provide quality benefits and a sense of community to members of ACSA.

Pre-Convention Master Classes

Essentials to Successfully Implementing an Occupational Safety Program in Your Distillery, Presented by Industrial Safety and Training Services

Join ISTS, the presenters of our “Distillery Safety Management 101” class to learn safety best practices for your DSP – from production to warehousing. ISTS has tailored a program to cover the safety concerns specific to distilleries. What can you expect to learn? OSHA reporting and expectations, common errors in distilleries, how to implement safety culture in a distillery, and much, much more!

Sensory Master Class, Presented by Lallemand Biofuels and Distilled Spirits

For over 38 years, The Alcohol School has been the premier venue for fermentation & distilling education.  As the global industry of distilled spirits in general has evolved greatly over the years, so has our educational offerings.  We are proud to present a version of this school for the ACSA in this 2019 Master Class.  As we only have one day we will be focusing in on the heart of our expertise which is fermentation where we will cover mashing techniques both with and without enzymes, an in-depth look at yeast physiology, fermentation management and nutrition, a look at the fantastic world of rum, how adjusting fermentation conditions and yeast can impact congeners, and finally some fun but important sensory aspects with some fault detection as well as a look at new make spirit and impact of maturation.

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2018 Convention

Distillers Convention & Vendor Trade Show
March 4–6, 2018
Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Convention Education

2017 Convention

Distillers Convention & Vendor Trade Show
February 16–17, 2017
Renaissance Nashville Hotel, Nashville TN

Convention Education

2016 Convention

Distillers Convention & Vendor Trade Show
February 29–March 2, 2016
Palmer House Hilton Hotel, Chicago, IL

Convention Education

2015 Convention

Distillers Convention & Vendor Trade Show
February 14–16, 2015
Austin, TX

2014 Convention

Distillers Convention & Vendor Trade Show
March 14, 2014
Denver, CO

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