Please note: ACSA offices will close at 1 p.m. ET each Friday through Labor Day for Summer.

ACSA’s Board of Directors, Special Events, Policy, Economic Reports and Studies, Legislation, DtC, PAC, Volunteer Committees, Regulations, Ethics, TTB, Trade and STEPUP Foundation. Contact Margie A.S. Lehrman, Chief Executive Officer at (202) 669-3661 or margie@americancraftspirits.org.

ACSA Education and Safety, including: Webinars, Safety Programs including OSHA Fire Safety, Regional Programs, Call for Presentations, Pre-Convention and Convention Education. Contact Kirstin Brooks, Education Manager at (616) 745-6373 or kirstin@americancraftspirits.org.

ACSA’s Events including: Convention, Exhibits, Judging of Craft Spirits, Heartland Competitions, and Program Registrations. Contact Stephanie Sadri, Director of Meetings & Events at (720) 312-0350 or stephanie@americancraftspirits.org.

ACSA’s Marketing and Membership including: Communications, Member Programs, and ACSA Sponsorships. Contact Anna Klainbaum at (718) 916-8278 or anna@americancraftspirits.org.

ACSA’s Digital Publications: To suggest story ideas for CRAFT SPIRITS magazine, contact Editor-in-Chief Jeff Cioletti at (732) 310-3328 or  jeff@americancraftspirits.org, or Senior Editor Jon Page at (919) 906-3892 or jon@americancraftspirits.org. Please send press releases to news@americancraftspirits.org.

For advertising opportunities in CRAFT SPIRITS magazine, CraftSpiritsMag.com, e-newsletters and more, contact Media Sales Representative Annette Schnur at (631) 478-9488 or sales@americancraftspirits.org.

General inquiries about ACSA, Support of ACSA Team (in the event you cannot reach another member), Renewals, Use of One Click Politics, State Guilds, Website Issues and ACSA’s Calendar of Activities. Contact Albab Melaku, Administrative Assistant at (703) 582-5382 or albab@americancraftspirits.org.

ACSA’s Press Releases and Media. Contact Alexandra S. Clough at (516) 428-7210 or alexandra@gatherpr.com.

Margie A.S. Lehrman

Chief Executive Officer
(202) 669-3661

Kirstin Brooks

Education Manager
(616) 745-6373

Jeff Cioletti

Editor in Chief
(732) 310-3328

Jon Page

Senior Editor
(919) 906-3892

Stephanie Sadri

Director of Meetings & Events
(720) 312-0350

Albab Melaku

Administrative Assistant
(703) 582-5382

Anna Klainbaum

Director of Marketing & Membership
(718) 916-8278



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Michael Walker
The Walker Group, LLC
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Annette Schnur
Next Level Sales and Marketing
Media Sales Representative
(631) 478-9488

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