State Guilds

ACSA is proud to support state guilds across the country. P.T. Wood, of Wood’s High Mountain Distillery, is the State Guilds chair at ACSA. For highlights of state regulatory information, click here.

A Letter From the Guild Chair

Dear Distiller,

In May, a handful of distillers and industry supporters were in Washington, DC for a joint fly-in with the American Craft Spirits Association and the Distilled Spirits Council in support of extending the FET reduction. I would say that the #1 takeaway is that getting the FET reduction extended is far from guaranteed. We have less than 10 months left to secure an extension and that should be each Guild and each distillers #1 priority over that time. To date a handful of extremely dedicated distillers have been carrying the load on this, they need you to get off the sidelines and get in the game, the cost of inaction is $10.80 per proof gallon, can you afford that?

The things you should be doing to continue to save $10.80 per proof gallon, join the ACSA and your Guild, tell your reinvestment story to your Senators and Representatives and invite them to your distillery. Next, find out how to become involved in the ACSA PAC by sending a request to:

P.T. Wood
ACSA BOD, State Guild Committee Chair
Wood’s High Mountain Distillery
Salida, CO

  • Alabama Craft Distillers Association

    State Guild

    Dan Roberts
    (256) 724-2191

  • Distillers Guild of Alaska

    State Guild

    Heather Shade
    Chilkoot Distillery
    (907) 766-4545

  • Arizona Craft Distillers Guild

    State Guild

    Gary Ellam
    Arizona Craft Beverage

  • California Artisanal Distillers Guild

    State Guild

    Cris Steller
    Dry Diggings Distillery
    (916) 235-4012

  • Colorado Distillers Guild

    State Guild

    Sean Smiley
    State 38 Distilling

  • Florida Distillers Guild

    State Guild

    Philip McDaniel
    St. Augustine Distillery
    (904) 825-4963

  • Georgia Distillers Association

    State Guild

    Chris Sywassink
    Ghost Coast Distillery
    (912) 704-2707

  • Idaho Distillers Association

    State Guild

    Ken Wyatt
    44° North Vodka
    (208) 649-3598

  • Illinois Craft Distillers Association

    State Guild

    Matt Blaum
    Blaum Bros. Distilling Co
    (815) 777-1000

  • Kentucky Distillers’ Association

    State Guild

    Adam Johnson
    (502) 875-9351

  • Louisiana Distillers Guild

    State Guild

    Ricci Hull
    Baton Rouge Distilling
    (225) 223-0382

  • Maine Distiller’s Guild

    State Guild

    Ian Michaud
    Liquid Riot Bottling Company
    (207) 221-8889

  • Maryland Distillers Guild

    State Guild

    Jaime Windon
    Lyon Distilling Co.
    (443) 333-9181

  • Michigan Craft Distillers Association

    State Guild

    Dianna Stampfler
    (269) 330-4228


  • Minnesota Distillers Guild

    State Guild

    Mark Schiller
    Loon Liquor Company
    (952) 905-8709

  • Missouri Craft Distillers Guild

    State Guild

    David Weglarz
    StilL 630 Distillery
    (314) 513-2275

  • Montana Distiller’s Guild

    State Guild

    Robin Blazer
    Willie’s Distillery
    (406) 360-0109

  • New Mexico Distillers Guild

    State Guild
    New Mexico

    Colin Keegan
    Santa Fe Spirits
    (505) 467-8892

  • New York State Distillers Guild

    State Guild
    New York

    Cory Muscato
    Lockhouse Distilling
    (716) 768-4898

  • Distillers Association of North Carolina

    State Guild
    North Carolina

    Pete Barger
    Southern Distilling Company
    (704) 880-5715

  • Ohio Distiller’s Guild

    State Guild

    Ryan Lang
    Middle West Spirits
    (704) 315-9164

  • Oregon Distillers Guild

    State Guild

    Brad Irwin
    Oregon Spirit Distillers

  • Pennsylvania Distillers Guild

    State Guild

    Robert Cassell
    Millstone Spirits Group
    (484) 948-7686

  • South Carolina Craft Distillers Guild

    State Guild
    South Carolina

    Scott Blackwell
    High Wire Distilling

  • Tennessee Distillers Guild

    State Guild

    Kris Tatum
    Old Forge Distillery
    (865) 388-4503

  • Texas Distilled Spirits Association

    State Guild

    Carrie Simmons
    (512) 473-2646

  • Distiller’s Guild of Utah

    State Guild

    Ashley Cross
    New World Distillery
    (385) 244-0144

  • Distilled Spirits Council of Vermont

    State Guild

    Jeremy Elliot
    Smugglers’ Notch Distillery

  • Virginia Distillers Association

    State Guild

    Amy Ciarametaro
    (757) 535-5829

  • Washington Distillers Guild

    State Guild

    Mhairi Voelsgen
    BROVO Spirits
    (206) 496-2613

  • Wisconsin Distillers Guild

    State Guild

    Brian Sammons
    Twisted Path Distillery
    (414) 405-8900


  • Wyoming Distillers Guild

    State Guild

    David Defazio
    Wyoming Whiskey
    (307) 733-9759

How to Start a Guild

These are for guidance and educational purposes only.

  1. Review requirements for forming a nonprofit trade organization in your state
  2. Review Articles of Incorporation (view sample) and file to form state nonprofit organization
  3. Determine whether you will file for IRS 501(c)(6) status and file appropriate paperwork as necessary. Please review the following to help in your determination:
  4. Apply for a Federal Employer Identification Number (
  5. Appoint interim Board to adopt Bylaws (view sample)
  6. Hold first meeting and vote for board members and officers
  7. Appoint committees
  8. Open bank account
  9. Inform ACSA!

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