Direct to Consumer Shipping

DtC legislation is tough. One size fits all doesn’t work when each state controls its own beverage alcohol rules and regulations. But, we’ve honed in on those elements that make the most sense in advancing DtC reform. We know our entire community — producers of spirits, suppliers, and consumers — must act to convince state legislators to enable distilleries to ship directly to consumers. Our customers matter. For that reason, we’ve built a DtC campaign and created assets to help you best message and advocate for legislation within your state. We have also created a postcard for your use at the distillery. Grassroots advocacy is key. Help us reach our goal of modernizing state laws and regulations to achieve parity with wine (which can ship in 46 states)!

DtC Guidelines and Documents

ACSA’s DtC Committee and its Board of Directors created the following assets to help you within your state. Download them here for your use and join the ACSA DtC Campaign!

DtC Postcards

The American Craft Spirits Association has eased your ability to engage your customers. We designed, developed, and worked with ACSA’s DtC committee and powerful marketing team at Blanc Printing Co. to reduce your efforts to move our community to take action. Use this postcard with your customers by making it available at your distillery or include it with bottle sales from your distillery. Follow the link to download the postcard or customize it and have it printed and shipped to you.

DtC Committee Members

  • Chair – Dan Farber, Osocalis Distillery
  • Alex Villicana, Re:Find Distillery
  • Becky Harris, Catoctin Creek Distilling Co.
  • Carlo Luri, Bently Heritage
  • Colin Keegan, Santa Fe Spirits
  • Jeff Kanof, Copperworks Distilling
  • Mark Shilling, Treaty Oak Brewing and Distilling Co.
  • Tom Potter, New York Distilling Co.
  • P.T. Wood, Wood’s High Mountain Distillery
  • Rob Masters, The Family Jones
  • Alexandra Clough, GATHER PR
  • Jim Hyland, Pennsylvania Avenue Group
  • Margie A.S. Lehrman, Chief Executive Officer
  • Carason Lehmann, Member Outreach Manager


Sovos’ Second Annual Direct-to-Consumer Spirits Shipping Report Shows 87% of Consumers Want to Purchase Craft Spirits via DtC Shipping

Regulations by State

Current as of August 2021.

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