Entities in need of Hand Sanitizer

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to spread, a growing number of distilleries are making hand sanitizers and disinfectant spray products to help offset a short supply for local businesses and neighbors. Click here to see production guidelines and more resources.

If you are an entity in need of hand sanitizers and/or surface disinfectants and would like to be added to our list, please complete this form. If you have problems completing this form, please send a note to news@americancraftspirits.org.

Company Name
Company/Entity State
What are your hand sanitizer needs?
Do you need a one-time supply or do you anticipate needing multiple orders? Please explain.
Hegira HealthMichiganDeborah Tollisondtollison@hegirahealth.org734-458-46011-5 gallonsWe would need multiple orders.
Rosecrancr Crisis Residential ILRanya Hasanranyahasan@gmail.com773-574-43281-5 gallonsDepends on length of Covid
Thaden Vick FarmsCASharon Vicksharonvick48@sbcglobal.net559-864-85741-5 gallonsOne time supply
PRSVAMeredith Hovanmhovan@prsinc.org703-531-63211-5 gallonsOne tome supply
Lifeline ConnectionsWAJared Sanfordjsanford@lifelineconnections.org (360) 397-8246 ex. 30484 1-5 gallonsHopefully only one-time, depending on how long this crisis lasts.
HERITAGE BEHAVIORAL HEALTH CENTERIllinoisTANIA DIAZtdiaz@heritagenet.org21742047621-5 gallonsAs available, we would anticipate multiple orders.
Drake RefrigerationPENNSYLVANIALinda Quirklquirk@nrac.com215-983-77861-5 gallonsOne time
Momentum for Mental HealthCAKate Roysterroysterkate@gmail.com408-259-07601-5 gallonsunsure at this time.
Burt Rigid Box, Inc.New YorkGreg Wardgward@burtbox.com607-433-25101-5 gallons, More than 5 gallonscould be multiple orders.
Caley Ridge Assisted LivingColoradoDebbie Huttodebbie@caleyridgealf.com303-903-3857 or 303-721-89001-5 gallonsHopefully it will be a one time order, unless the pandemic decides to resurface again.
CAley Ridge Assisted LivingcoloradoDebbie Huttodebbie@caleyridgealf.com303-721-89001-5 gallonsWe are not sure at this time as it depends on the pandemic and supply and demand!

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