Steric Systems

The PureSmoothTM Process

What it is:

The Steric Systems PureSmoothTM process is a method of “polishing” distilled spirits to reduce alcohol burn, open up and balance flavors, and improve mouth feel. It works on both aged and unaged spirits; while the complexities imparted by oak into barrel aged spirits give the process a larger canvas to work with, the effect on vodka and gin is also quite significant. The processing parameters are fully adjustable for each individual spirit, and also allows us to deliver multiple expressions with different profiles for each individual spirit.

What it isn’t:

The PureSmooth process IS NOT A RAPID AGING PROCESS. To make sure that doesn’t slip past, we’ll emphasize it again – PureSmooth is NOT RAPID AGING.

The Process:

PureSmooth uses electromagnetic energy to affect the spirit on a molecular level, breaking down some of the long-chain fusel alcohols as well as other compounds. The resulting change to the spirit is permanent. Some of the resulting chemical and sensory changes can also occur during aging, but yet again, PureSmooth is not rapid aging nor is it a time machine. As an analogy we refer to it as “electronic filtration”, but strictly speaking PureSmooth is not a filter in the literal sense. Nothing is physically removed from the spirit during the process nor is anything added to it. PureSmooth does not lower the proof of the spirit.

The method for doing this is patent pending and proprietary. While we understand the desire to know exactly how we do it, our IP is the core of our business and as such we keep it closely guarded. What we like emphasize and point to are the results of the PureSmooth process which can be seen in lab test results and verified by tasting panels. We encourage anyone interested to experience, test, and verify those results for themselves by contacting us to arrange for processing samples of their own products.

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