NOTE: This membership requires between 0–1,000 proof gallons removed from bond annually.

Membership requirements for a “voting” DSP:

  • Own a valid DSP
  • Produce fewer than 750,001 proof gallons removed from bond (combined annual production from all sources)
  • Subscribe to ACSA’s Code of Ethics
  • Have more than a 75% equity stake and/or operating control over my DSP.

This membership includes 5 additional user accounts.



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  • Voting Members: Every qualified licensed distilling member of ACSA has the unique privilege of electing its Board of Directors. Your voice is heard. Your ideas matter.
  • Distillers Convention and Vendor Trade Show:  Exclusive member admission discount.  The annual convention provides distillers and their key partners the opportunity to gather together to focus specifically on DSP-centric issues and concerns. Further,  the annual convention is focused on providing high-level of educational component. As part of the annual convention the ACSA holds a consumer event where wholesalers, retailers, and the general public can sample and enjoy craft spirits.
  • Spirits Judging:  ACSA members receive discounted entry fees, all entries will be provided with the judges’ detailed tasting notes.
  • Legislative: The ACSA is the voice of the craft spirits industry and advocates for craft spirits on the federal, state and local level. The ASCS’s goal is to improve the business environment for craft spirits producers everywhere.
  • Trade Shows & Industry Event: The ACSA actively promotes craft representation at national and major regional events and provide discounts and valuable platforms for brand promotion.
  • Distilling Guilds: The ACSA actively promotes the formation of distilling guilds and supports their initiatives.
  • Master Classes: The ACSA periodically conducts educational classes with industry experts, especially in conjunction with the annual convention.’
  • Media Relations:  The ACSA releases timely, reliable press of pertinent news that is communicated to the media at large posted  as well as posted on the website. The ACSA defends and promotes craft spirits with industry defined positions and takes a proactive and central role in the ongoing conversation around craft spirits.
  • “Members Only” Industry Reports: The ACSA periodically collects and disseminates reliable information on industry growth, category production volumes, and other important data regarding craft spirits.
  • Member Discounts: Support our Sponsor, Moonshine University, and receive a discount! Members will receive 10% off all Moonshine University courses simply by being a member of ACSA.  For a complete list, click here.
  • THE MONTHLY MASH: Enjoy a member-focused monthly newsletter, highlighting association events, industry updates, and regulatory compliance news.

Membership Committee

Cochair, Mike Blaum, Blaum Brothers Distilling Company
Cochair, Dan Garrison, Garrison Brothers Distillery

Committee Members

Dan Farber, Osocalis Distillery
Brent Ryan, Newport Distilling Company
Harrison Pious, Legacy-Spirits
Teresa McDaniel, Membership Coordinator

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