Complimentary Webinar – Hand Sanitizer: From Regulation to Production



When?: Monday, March 23rd 4-5 PM Eastern

How Much?: Complimentary!

What?: ACSA’s third installment in our complimentary COVID-19 webinar series. Join us as we answer your questions on hand sanitizer creation, from FDA and TTB considerations to the production side.


Becky Harris (Chief Distiller, Catoctin Creek) graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. As a chemical engineer, she worked at companies like Amoco, YDK America, and CIBA, specializing in industrial processes and production systems. Becky brought this knowledge and applied it to something she loved–making the finest distilled spirits in Virginia. Wine, grains, berries, it matters not. If there is a fruit, vegetable, tuber with starch or sugar in it, you can bet that Becky will try to distill it.

Scott Harris (General Manager, Catoctin Creek) graduated with honors from Georgia Tech. He spent the last twenty years building a software career in telecommunication systems and government IT solutions and traded it all in for the chance to own and run his own distillery. Liquors of all types are his greatest love (besides Becky, of course). Whiskeys from Scotland, Ireland and the United States. Brandy from France and Germany. And an eclectic German bitters called Boonekamp. “It’s good for the digestive!” as his old German grandmother used to say.

Lee Katrincic (Co-Founder/Head Distiller, Durham Distillery) has chemistry degrees from Lehigh University (M.S.) and Penn State (B.S.). With twenty plus years as a pharmaceutical chemist with research & development experience, he leads Durham Distillery’s spirit production and quality assurance.

Melissa Katrincic (President/CEO, Durham Distillery) has a degree in Physics from Bryn Mawr College. Her professional expertise however is as a savvy marketing and operations executive with over two decades of experience. Melissa also recently served as Vice President of the Distilling Association of North Carolina, has lobbied for the industry to the U.S. Congress in Washington D.C. and has spoken as an invited expert on gin. She is also a member of Les Dames d ‘Escoffier and Women of the Vine & Spirits.

Lee and Melissa were recently inducted into The Gin Guild in London, May 2018. Lee is a Warden Rectifier and Melissa is Rectifier. They are the first and only gin distillers to be inducted from the U.S. South.

Mark Shilling (Shilling/Crafted) founded Revolution Spirits in 2013, quickly establishing the distillery as a favorite stop along the Central Texas beer, wine and spirits trail. In 2017, Mark established Shilling/Crafted to assist other distilleries with marketing, compliance and growth strategies. More recently, working with Uncle Billy’s, Mark launched the first Ready-to-Drink (RTD) line of spirit-based cocktail in Texas. Prior to his role in the spirits industry, Mark spent over twenty-five years of as a public affairs expert, specializing in legislative and regulatory advocacy, grassroots and coalition building, and the strategic positioning of client interests before key state and federal public policy decision-makers. During his career, he has represented business and professional clients on issues ranging from taxes, insurance, health and safety, to energy, environmental, education, workforce and economic development. 

Mark was instrumental in the formation of the Texas Distilled Spirits Association and represents the industry on craft spirits issues in Washington, DC. Mark was recently appointed to the board of advisors of Microshiner, an online and print media publisher that showcases the art and science of the rapidly growing micro-distilling industry. Mark previously served as the President of ACSA, as well as President of the board of The Wine and Food Foundation of Texas. He also serves a founding director of CURe, The Foundation for Compassionate Use Reform.

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