Webinar – Lab Talk: Yeast



When?: Wednesday, March 18th, at 3-4 PM Eastern

How much?: $39 for members, $59 for non-members

What?: We look under the microscope at the indispensable and wee beasties we know as yeast and explore how these frequently misunderstood microorganisms influence and elevate the flavor of spirits.

About Your Presenter, Dr. Pat Heist

Dr. Heist is well known in the Bourbon whiskey and distilled spirits industries for his problem solving skills relative to the microbiology and biochemistry of fermentation and process optimization. Education includes B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Kentucky in microbiology-related fields. Heist is Co-Owner and Chief Scientific Officer for Ferm Solutions, Inc. based in Danville, Kentucky, a provider of specialty yeast, fermentation products and technical support to the fuel and beverage ethanol industries. Dr. Heist and his research team collaborate with industrial and academic partners on projects relating to yeast strain selection, fermentation optimization, and bacterial contamination, among others. In 2013, Ferm Solutions expanded its operations and formed Wilderness Trail Distillery, which produces a variety of super premium distilled spirits including Wilderness Trail Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Blue Heron Vodka and Harvest Rum.

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