Complimentary Safety Webinar: How to Stay Out of Trouble When it Comes to Dealing With Waste Water



When?: Tuesday, March 23rd from 3-4 PM Eastern

How Much?: Complimentary to ACSA members and non-members

What?: Distilleries face two issues with their spent grains. First is just plain finding a way to dispose of  them, be it a local farmer or discharge to a treatment facility that can handle the high-strength waste. Most municipalities have no concept of how strong the distillery waste water is. Many distillers don’t understand how strong the waste is. There is a very easy way to determine the strength of waste and how to compute the total lbs  of organic load per day and the maximum concentration. This presentation will delve into:

  • Chemical oxygen demand (COD)
  • Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)
  • Why COD and BOD are bad
  • How to minimize BOD and COD in waste water
  • How to present BOD and COD information to a municipality in a way they understand
  • Strategize to minimize the impact on a treatment plant
  • And where to send samples for testing

Who?: Mike LoCascio, CEO of Soluble Organic Solutions

Graduate of Iowa State University, BS Nuclear Engineering, 1989.  Upon graduation, commissioned as a 2nd Lt, USMC.  Active 5 years, reserve 3 years, serving in both the aviation and ground combat units.  Upon leaving the Marine Corps, joined Nalco Chemical as a sales engineer in basic water treatment doing this for 5 years then joined a start up company, US Water Services 1998.   In 2002 Mike developed the complete water balance for process water, cooling and boilers for the dry grind ethanol industry and participated in the design and installation of water systems in 45 new ethanol plants.  In 2007 Mike left US Water and started S.O.S. to focus on process waste water issues in the distilling industry.  Specifically, how to treat whole and thin stillage to reduce BOD/COD/TSS in order to be compliant with discharge permits or POTW limitations.   The singular focus on thick and thin stillage has led to a deep understanding of how fermentation affects stillage quality and how to chemically and mechanically reduce the organic load in stillage. S.O.S. designs and fabricates the equipment in Clear Lake, IA. and supports the systems in partnership with Betz Specialty Chemical out of Louisville KY.   

Current Clients:

Jim Beam, A Suntory company brand.

Brown Forman Distilleries

Breckenridge Bourbon

Savage and Cooke Distillery

Sonoma Distilling

Lone Oak Distillery

OTISA – Organic sugar and rum producer, Paraguay South America

Demurra Unlimited – Guyana South America rum producer

DelMar Commodities – Organic soybean oil crush plant, Canada.

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