Complimentary Safety Webinar: Using a State-Funded Voluntary Safety Audit to Up Our Game at Headframe



Monday, May 20th, 2 PM Eastern

OSHA regulations can be overwhelming or unclear for craft distilleries! Wish you could get a “practice run” of an OSHA inspection before the real deal happens? There may be resources in your state to receive a walk-through inspection of the things OSHA looks for! Hear how Headframe Spirits in Butte, Montana was able to up their safety game with a voluntary safety audit, what they discovered during the audit process, and why these services are so valuable to distillers and distilleries.

About Your Presenter, John McKee
John McKee is the founder of Headframe Spirits and its manufacturing and consulting arm. He opened a distillery in Montana centered around its custom continuous flow distillation system, which Headframe Spirits Manufacturing now fabricates for 3rd party clients. John and his wife Courtney were named the 2013 Montana Entrepreneurs of the Year.
Prior to Headframe Spirits, John most recently served as Project & Startup Manager for Nova Biosource Fuels, Inc. In that role, he was involved in the pilot-scale trials and scale-up of Nova’s proprietary technology for a 10 MGY refinery. Over the course of his time there, Mr. McKee jointly oversaw all aspects of site construction, refinery commissioning & shakeout, turn-arounds, and operator training on facilities ranging from 10-60 MGY.
John is dad to two fantastic children and, when not at Headframe Spirits, can generally be found on a body of water somewhere in Western Montana.
ACSA’s Safety Webinar Series is generously sponsored by Haskell

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