Webinar: From Vines to Orchards & Everything in Between: Innovations in American Brandy



When?: Tuesday, March 21st 2023 from 3-4 PM Eastern

How Much?: Complimentary to ACSA members, $59 for non-members

What?: Our panel of notable producers will explore the opportunities and challenges of expanding the homegrown U.S. brandy market, making a convincing case for fruit-based distillates—from American interpretations of traditional eaux de vie to the wood-aged Stateside spiritual cousins of classic French products like Cognac and Calvados. We’ll ponder a veritable fruit stand of bases, whether grown on trees, bushes or vines.


Anna Campbell, Miriam Spirits

Miriam Spirits Founder Anna Campbell grew up in the wine business and is four years into crafting grower producer Oregon brandies. As a fifth-generation farmer and a second-generation winegrower, she believes a rich agricultural state like Oregon should have a thriving, homegrown spirits industry. Her vision is to grow vines, ferment, distill, barrel age and blend brandies that express a sense of place, in honor of the beautiful Coast Range foothills of her homeland. Anna is also a co-owner and Creative Director for her family’s winery, Elk Cove Vineyards, known for its cool-climate white wines and single vineyard pinot noirs. Her distillery is named Miriam for the great 2nd-century mother of chemistry who worked tirelessly to transform dirt into gold. Along the way, Miriam invented the steam-jacketed still favored by centuries of women distillers, alchemists and witches, used today by Miriam Spirits to transform our own dirt into the gold of fine brandies.

Joseph O’Sullivan, Clear Creek Distillery/Hood River Distillers

Joseph O’Sullivan is the Master Distiller for Clear Creek Distillery, Hood River Distillers, and all associate brands.

Before being appointed to his current role, Joseph was first hired by Clear Creek founder Steve McCarthy in 2005 as a distillery mechanic, barrel coordinator and frequent delivery driver. Later he became an apprentice in the craft working directly under McCarthy during one of the brand’s most foundational periods. Serving as a frequent public speaker he quickly developed a passion for whole fruit fermentation and the spirit that would later be known as American Single Malt. It was during this time that craft spirits as an industry emerged.

In 2010, he moved to New York City where he served as a consultant to many of that region’s first distilleries and breweries and was responsible for running day to day operations at Greenhook Ginsmiths. After his time in New York, Joseph returned to the Pacific Northwest and was offered the opportunity to serve as Head Distiller and later Master Distiller for all Hood River Distiller brands while remaining headquartered at Clear Creek.

Now approaching 18 years’ of experience in distillation, Joseph’s career has witnessed the rise of American spirits to the prominence it holds today. He is extremely proud of the accomplishments this community has achieved and works each day to return the education and passion which was gifted to him by so many.

Jeff Yosowitz, Star Union Spirits

Jeff Yosowitz is a native of Cleveland, Ohio (where Jeff’s grandparents owned many bars) and moved to Chicago in 1990 after law school. After practicing law in the Chicago loop in the area of financial services for 25 years, Jeff met Bob Windy on a camping trip and in 2007 Jeff took a journey back to his alcohol roots and started making wine with Bob in Bob’s garage using fresh California grapes.

In 2016, Jeff and Bob founded a craft distillery, Star Union Spirits in Peru, Illinois (Bob’s hometown) in the historic Westclox Factory, where Bob’s grandfather once worked. Winemaking evolved into brandy and grappa. Keeping a piece of their winemaking roots, Star Union Spirits still uses the early 20th century wine press Jeff and Bob used to make wine.

Ever since they cut the ribbon and opening their doors, Star Union Spirits has separated themselves with a keen eye for even the most minute details. From the raw materials to their award-winning ornate labels, the Illinois distillery sweats the little thing to ensure every facet of their process fosters unique and unexpected qualities in their small batch spirits. In addition to the brandies, Star Union Spirts produces award-winning whiskies, rums, agaves and vodka. Invigorate, Libate Inclinate!

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