On-Demand Webinar – Proofing & Gauging: What You’re (Probably) Doing Wrong, What It’s Costing You, and How to Do It Better



Proofing and gauging are some of the most common measurements a DSP is required to collect – and the most frequently inaccurate. Starting with a brief history of gauging, we’ll give an overview of the two common methods (hydrometer/thermometer, densitometer) and their relative benefits and risks. You will learn about equipment options and costs, and tactics for improving and ensuring accuracy. (From Sept 2023)

How Much?: Free to ACSA members, $59 for non-members

Who?: Tyler Derheim is FIVE x 5 Solutions’ in-house consultant, using his expertise to help producers of all sizes make it easier to make great things. Tyler first entered the regulated beverage industry in 2010, when he started working harvest and crush at a midsize winery in Slovenia. After returning to California in 2017 he joined a startup DSP, with responsibilities for formulation, production, compliance, lab services, and more. In 18 months, he led the DSP from mason jars and buckets to tankers and trailers, then moved into a freelance consulting role, helping distilleries of all sizes with every aspect of production, operations, and compliance. A long-time Fx5 user, Tyler brings a wealth of experience unmatched in the industry.

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