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Agave spirits continue to be the fastest-growing category, but American craft spirits producers have been limited in their ability to fully take advantage of this trend. That’s due, of course, to the fact that the two agave products most familiar to consumer, tequila and mezcal, are off-limits to producers on U.S. soil. But, iconic Mexican traditions aside, there are considerable opportunities within agave. A panel of U.S. craft producers experimenting in the space will detail some of their processes and products, as well as marketing challenges and successes. (From August 2023)

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Nicholas Hammond, Pacific Coast Spirits

Craig Reynolds, California Agave Council

Craig Reynolds is the Founding Director and President of the California Agave Council, a non-profit trade association of California agave growers and distillers and other agave related businesses. Craig began growing agave in 2006 in Colima and in 2015 produced, imported, distributed his Dos Volcanes, a brand of 100% agave spirits. In 2014 he began planting tequilana agaves in Yolo County. In 2019 he cooked his first harvest for St. George Spirits and has subsequently been harvesting and providing cooked or raw agave hearts to several California craft distillers including Ventura Spirits, Venus Spirits, Shelter Distilling, Jano Spirits. He has also been selling his agave pups (hijuelos) to other growers who have also begun harvesting and selling mature agaves. The Council was formed in 2022 and sponsored legislation creating the labeling standard for California agave spirits and has partnered with the University of California, Davis in sponsoring an agave spirits symposium and an Agave Research Center. Craig is a retired after 30 years as a chief of staff to three California legislators.

Dave Woods, Wiggly Bridge Distillery

With more than three decades of business ownership, Dave Woods has developed a sharp eye for creating businesses that fill a niche. He is a driven serial entrepreneur who quickly expanded the once small family business, to one that is now over 9 businesses with some possessing several units/locations, which has added exceptional diversity and value to the family’s portfolio.

He produced a lecture series along with a workbook for the Diving Equipment & Manufactures Association while on its educational board in the 90’s. This program was offered at the DEMA world trade shows live each year and on tape for several years helping those that couldn’t attend the annual trade show. This program was designed to reach those new to the diving business, speaking to the need and creation of proper business plan development, funding and execution to help increase their chances for success within the diving industry.

In early 2012 he and his son David II entered the spirits industry. It all started several years prior during a family dinner with a joking statement of “lets make our own whiskey.” With their love for good whisky and fascination to see how things are made a half-hearted joke turned a bit serious over the years. This father and son team decided to explore the idea. They researched and studied and some say obsessed over how to build stills and process alcohol.

Being fortunate enough to have a home in the Caribbean they decided to build and operate a small 15 gallon hand hammered copper still on the island of Montserrat first to put their research to the test. Turns out they were quite good at it and grew even more intrigued by the craft of small batch distilling. So it was then that the duo filed all of the required paperwork and setoff to create what is now Wiggly Bridge Distillery. The father and son team enjoy building their stills and equipment ranging in size from 15 to 750 gallons.

Through his life’s journey Dave has enjoyed the successes of many ventures some of which he is no longer involved with, and some that failed miserably at great expense. Each success and failure has taught him many of life’s inherent lessons, instilling a very philosophic approach to his life, family and their successful businesses. Family and friends enjoy many of Dave’s, “Daveism’s” that he is passing on to his children and 6 grandchildren, one of which is “Don’t Outswim Your Stroke”.


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