Webinar: Sustainability as a Business Model & The Road to Net Zero



When?: April 22nd 2021 at 3 PM Eastern time

What?: Marble Distilling Co. in Carbondale, CO designed & built a first of its kind Water Energy Thermal System (WETS) to capture & reuse  both water & heat generated through the distilling process. The system has been featured in a variety of  publications, including Siemens Automation Company, Popular Mechanics and more. 

Marble’s WETS captures hot water from the distilling process & stores it for reuse; multiple pumps & heat  exchangers capture energy for reuse in the domestic hot water & for heating the building & processes, leaving  cold water behind for reuse in the distilling process. Any excessive heat is used for exterior snowmelt; likewise,  additional cold water is used to condition interior spaces. No chiller is used for any type of cooling or A/C. 35kW  of solar panels are leading the distillery to net-zero, which Marble has committed to completing in 2022. 

This innovative design saves more than 4 million gallons of water & recaptures enough energy to power 20  homes each year, ensuring the operation is 83% more efficient than the town’s green code requires & saves  more than 125 metric tons of carbon annually (versus ASHRAE Standard, 2015). 

Learn how designing a sustainable distillery with a whole systems approach offers significant energy savings &  financial benefits, including OEM savings and the value of marketing initiatives focused on sustainability. 

Who?: Connie Baker (CEO & Head Distiller, Marble Distilling Co.) is a serial entrepreneur who likes to say she “Switched from Drugs to Booze”, due to her love of  vodka, having previously founded a pharmaceutical marketing company. In 2010 she began her quest to open  a distillery, attending distilling school, and in 2015 her husband and partner, Carey Shanks, Co-Founded Marble  Distilling Co. Carey’s career has focused on sustainability and proving it as a viable business model, and Marble  is committed to being “The Most Sustainable Distillery on the Planet”.

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