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ACSA is committed to bringing you a professional program of education. We understand you are busy and perhaps unable to travel far or take lots of time away from the distillery. That is why we are offering a series of educational programs where either the agenda doesn’t change or is modified ever so slightly. Currently, our regional program focus is on Safety.

Register for a Free Course on Fire Protection and Prevention

Seeing a gap in industry-specific training, the American Craft Spirits Association applied for and was awarded a U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Susan Harwood Training Grant. ACSA’s Capacity Building Pilot Program grant aims to educate the craft spirits industry at large on fire protection and prevention.

Based on member feedback, ACSA is using OSHA grant funds to create a one-day course on fire protection and prevention, customized to address the needs of craft distillers, and presented by Industrial Safety and Training Services on Aug. 31 at Watershed Distillery in Columbus, Ohio.

The class will be free of charge for members and non-members alike, because we believe there should be no barrier to safety in this industry. As a requirement of the grant, all materials for the course will be submitted to OSHA for approval, so attendees can be assured that the course will not only be scaled to craft distilleries, but also compliant with federal OSHA requirements. While ACSA plans to expand this training program to reach distillers where they are, this inaugural class is limited to 40 attendees per the grant’s requirements.

This class is currently sold out but you are able to add your name to our waiting list.


Here is what past registrants in Ohio, during the June 2018 program, are saying about Distillery Safety Management 101:

  • “I thought it was exceptionally well done and I learned a lot, coming back inspired, invigorated, and ready to make our workplace safer and more compliant. ISTS did an amazing job, I really can’t say enough.”
  • “I thought the training was extremely useful and I’d recommend it, along with any other ACSA seminar to anyone.”

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