OSHA Citation Patterns for Safety and Health Auditing and the Dos and Don’ts of Report Writing

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  • Presenter(s): Mark Dreux, Arent Fox
  • Duration: 55:28
  • Available in HD?: Yes

Past is prologue. OSHA frequently conducts inspections of workplace accidents in which employees are injured and then issues citations. Based on the citations issued by OSHA against other distilleries, the members of ACSA can audit their facilities with the eyes of a compliance officer and detect violations before employees are injured. Prevention of injuries is the goal. During inspections, OSHA uses audit reports and incident reports as road maps to find violations and issue citations. This presentation will also review the best way to draft accurate reports and to prevent them from becoming a road map for OSHA.

The target audience for this presentation are safety and health professionals, safety and health auditors, supervisors and managers of facilities which distill spirits.

The key learning objectives are:

1)         Improving the safety and health of your workplace by conducting a proactive audit for the violations that have caused injuries in other distilleries in the United States. The key is to prevent the injury and the resulting OSHA inspection, citations and injury related costs.

2)         OSHA frequently uses audits and incident investigation reports as road maps to find violations and issues citations. This presentation will review the “Do’s and Don’ts” for writing audit and incident reports so that these reports will accurately describe the incident and the corrective measures and so that the reports can be used as a road map for violations.

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