Webinar – Vodka Panel: Clearly Craft



When?: Thursday, August 11 from 3-4 PM

What?: Vodka producers embrace innovation in the category and drum up excitement for this often-under-appreciated spirit.

How Much?: Free to ACSA members, $59 for non-members


Gina Holman, J. Carver Distillery

Gina Holman is a Founding Partner, Distiller, and Operations Manager at J. Carver Distillery in Waconia, Minnesota, an award-winning distillery producing a broad line of craft spirits including vodka, gin, bourbon, rye, absinthe, amaro, liqueurs, and American Single Malts.
Before starting J. Carver Distillery in 2004, she was Director of Liquor Operations for the City of Wayzata, which included acting as General Manager of both their municipal liquor store and restaurant. During that time Gina completed her Sommelier certification and became an instructor for the International Sommelier Guild to many of the hospitality industry professionals in Minnesota.

Gina has enjoyed a broad and active career in the hospitality industry over the last 38 years and participates regularly in Twin Cities media including TV, radio, social media and print publications where she extolls her knowledge of, and passion for, craft spirits.  She is vice president and legislative chair of the Minnesota Distillers guild, vice president of the American Craft Spirits Association and co-chair of ACSA’s State Guild Committee.

Gina loves spending time with her family, competing in Triathlons, enjoys time in her gardens, and cooking big meals for anyone in her kitchen.

Nate Randall, Hinterhaus Distilling
Nate and Bonnie Randall are Co-Founders at Hinterhaus Distilling in the California Sierra. A former HR executive, Nate leaned into his passion for spirits, creation, and learning by launching Hinterhaus with his wife in 2020. In addition to distillation, Nate oversees product development, aging, and blending. Sourcing local ingredients and forging nearby partnerships, Hinterhaus’ rugged mountain region is reflected in every small batch spirit produced.
Harvey Williams, Delta Dirt Distillery
Harvey grew up as a farm boy in the Arkansas Delta. He and his brothers are 4th generation farmers on their land in Philips County near Helena, AR.  Harvey left for college and earned a degree in Agricultural Engineering, but instead of his original plan to return home and farm, he went on to work 29 years in the meat and snack food industry all over the US.  Truth is, he and his wife always wanted to return to where they grew up, so a few years ago they did.  Harvey also wanted to be close to his family’s farm, but not necessarily working it in the traditional sense.  The idea of starting a distillery checked every box in terms of building a business from the farm, except Harvey decided to make it hard on himself and use the farm’s sweet potatoes to make a world-class vodka.  Thus the birthing of Delta Dirt Distillery!
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