Webinar: Assessing the Mental Health of Your Workplace and Workforce



When?: Postponed. New Date TBD

What?:  Businesses in the United States have long been impacted by untreated or inadequately-treated mental health issues, with well over $100 billion in annual revenue loss due to increased healthcare costs, absenteeism and overall lack of productivity. It is expected that this estimate will rise sharply as a result of the pandemic and hospitality-related businesses and artists (i.e. those in the craft spirits industry) will be hit even harder. Business owners struggle to take care of their own mental health while also trying to ensure the well-being of their employees. The situation is worsening and warrants immediate attention.

In this webinar, our presenter, Matt Vogl, will walk attendees through workplace mental health self-assessments – i.e. how healthy is a company with respect to the mental health of its employees and their families.  This presentation will get attendees thinking about the assets and obstacles they may be facing in creating a company culture that acknowledges and addresses the mental health of its team.


How Much?: Free to all, ACSA member and non-member alike



Renowned mental health professional and comedian Matt Vogl will deliver the keynote address at ACSA’s 2022 Convention in New Orleans. Matt helped found and run the University of Colorado Depression Center, as well as the National Mental Health Innovation Center. Matt brings a unique perspective to his presentations. After nearly losing his life to a suicide attempt 20 years ago, Matt made the decision to tackle the stigma by talking publicly about his struggles with bipolar disorder and suicide and has become an internationally-recognized mental health advocate. His keynote speeches, media interviews and his TEDx talk have reached tens of thousands of people across the globe with his messages of hope.
As a professional comic, Matt has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. It’s no surprise, then, that Matt‘s keynote will be humor-driven—though tailored specifically to the unique realities and challenges facing the craft spirits industry. While mental health can be a heavy topic, Matt’s use of comedic levity to deliver serious messages will be consistent with the typically fun and celebratory nature that you’ve come to expect at an ACSA Convention. Don’t miss Matt‘s presentation during the General Session on Thursday, July 21, at 5 p.m. CDT.
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