Disaster Averted! ACSA Victory on Spent Grains

As many of our members know, ACSA has been actively campaigning to prevent the implementation of some excessive, unnecessary and costly rules that were proposed by the Food & Drug Administration in 2014 relating to the use of spent grains for animal feed. The rules, as initially proposed, would have implemented costly and time-consuming reporting, tracking, and monitoring requirements for all distillers grains, including the burden of FDA inspections. The only upside would have been that our TTB reporting requirements would have seemed like a breeze by comparison.
Thanks to active, sustained campaigning by ACSA and others, including the Brewers Association and DISCUS, the final version of the rules reflects producer’s existing commitment to grain quality and exempted wet grains from these burdensome requirements. There is is still a lot of work to be done to refine and clarify how the rules will be interpreted and applied. As the only national trade association representing US craft distillers, ACSA will continue to advocate for you throughout this process.
For details of the ruling, visit the link below.
More details of the campaign and the specifics of the ruling will be included in our upcoming newsletter. If you have any questions, please email your representatives on the Legislative Committee at legislation@americancraftspirits.org


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