2023 Convention Education Bundle


Conscious Corporate Culture

Working With Government Officials

An Introduction to Strategic Planning & Connection to Purpose

Recent TTB Importer Rules

Economics of Solar Energy

Good Bad & Ugly - 2021 Building and Fire Code changes for Distilleries

Don't get burned! Getting your Craft Distillery in DOT Compliance

Up in Smoke: Communicating in Crisis

Distillery Valuation 102 - Starting On (or Getting Back on) the Right Track

Crowdfunding a Distillery: Stories From The Trenches

Historical Value of Whiskey and Distillery Finance

Upwards With Age: What the Data Says

Drain Considerations for the Modern Distillery

Write That Down: Establishing Simple But Effective Data Tracking

Cross-Country Whiskey: A Panel Discussing the Differences in Regional American Whiskey-Making

Glycosidic Nitrile, You Really Should Care Now

Not Just Another Fad Diet: Why Nutrition is so Important for Healthy Fermentations and Spirit Quality

Proof From the Lab: Distillations and Obscuration

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Botanical Spirits Formulation

Assessing yeast strain fermentation performances with variable molasses quality

RTDs: Risks & Considerations for Canned Cocktails

How to Win Awards: A Panel Discussion

Increasing Spirits Quality Using Practical Sensory Tools and Technologies

Leveraging Cocktail Menus to Build a Winning On-Premise Strategy

Trends in the Distillery Visitor Experience: How Brands Can Succeed in 2023

Understanding Distributors: How to Vet, Hire, and Motivate a Distributor Without Losing Your Damn Mind

Drink With Your Eyes®

Government Support for Export

How to support your product at retail

How to Identify and Reach Your Brand’s Biggest Fans Through Digital Advertising

Growing an Email List that is 110 Proof

Growing Club Program Revenue & Loyalty

How to Adapt to Current Shifts in Consumer Preference

Driving Sale, Distribution and Consumer Demand through Social Media and Industry Influencers: Strategies and Best Practices

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