Webinar- Sensory: Impact of Some Off-Notes



Thursday, September 24th at 3 PM Eastern


A distilled spirits is composed of 99% water and ethanol. The remaining part about 1% is composed of congeners, including higher alcohols, aldehydes, lactones, esters, etc, which give the signature to the spirits and impact its aromatic profile.

Amid the large family of congeners / components , we have chosen some of them to get an overview of what can happen during the process of production and how some congeners can become off-notes. We will review the process of synthesis of these congeners, how we can manage them and how we can avoid or increase their production.

Some areas of focus for this presentation are Ethyl acetate, Diacetyl, sulfur compounds and geosmin.


About Your Presenter, Robert Piggot

Robert spent his entire working life, and a big part of his retired life, in the alcohol industry (apart from a 2 year aberration in the petrochemical industry). After university in Canada he started out hitchhiking around the world, running out of money he managed to get a job making wine and brandy in South Africa. (Main asset, they needed a new member for the darts team).  Since then he has designed, managed and consulted to plants producing whisky, vodka, gin, and rum in more than 20 countries.

Robert is the Global Technical Manager at Lallemand Biofuels and Distilled Spirits, supporting and assisting the LBDS teams all over the world.

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