Star Union Spirits launches new distillery producing American Brandies and Whiskies


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Star Union Spirits launches new distillery producing American Brandies and Whiskies
First Distillery in Peru, Illinois in over 100 years.

[PERU, ILLINOIS, NOVEMBER 23 ] Today Star Union Spirits opened its new distillery and tasting room in Peru, Illinois focusing on craft, fruit & grain distilled spirits: brandy, whiskey and vodka. Star Union Spirits is the first licensed distillery in Peru, Illinois in well over 100 years, signaling a rising tide of development in the American heartland.

As consumer spending habits shift away from the white spirits to dark flavored liquids like whiskey and cognac, Star Union Spirits is providing the American answer to the French staple in the form of New American Brandy in addition to its aged and unaged spirits. “We use Midwestern fruits and grains as well as West Coast and South American grapes,” said co- founder Jeff Yosowitz.

Tapping into the rich commercial heritage of the Illinois Valley – Star Union Products Company, producing Star Model Beer operated here from 1845 to 1966 – the distillery is fondly named Star Union Spirits. Co-Founders, Bob Windy, a Peru native, and business partner Jeff Yosowitz, opened the company’s doors in the historic, Westclox factory building and will serve as an anchor tenant for further economic revitalization and spirits innovation in the region.

With whiskey up 4.6% since 2016, and cognac sales up by more than 5% within the past year, the distillery will tap into the booming consumer interest in craft spirits and the robust 2.6 million visitors to the Starved Rock Illinois State Park to draw customers to their production and tasting facility.

“I was born and raised in Peru and much of my family still resides here. My grandfather used to work in the Westclox factory and I remember family Christmas parties there. I have always wanted to return to this great place where I spent my formative years and reinvest in my community,” said co-founder Bob Windy.

About Star Union Spirits
Demand truth. Never settle. Reinvent
& survive. Out of a post-industrial chasm emerged Star Union Spirits, champion of entrepreneurial reinvention in the form of an artisanal, small-batch distillery. Established in 2016 in Peru, Illinois and operating out of the historic Westclox factory, Star Union Spirits is inventive in that can-do Midwestern way, reinvigorating the art of specialty craft spirits. Join us, as together we shall Invigorate, Libate, Inclinate.SM


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