As Laws Loosen Distillery Bar Restaurant Hybrids Emerge

Distillery/Bar/Restaurant Hybrids Emerge

Call them gastro-distilleries, still-bars or distillery pubs, there’s a new concept emerging in the on-premise cocktail arena. These are hybrid operations combining a fully functional distillery with a bar and restaurant service.

There are just a handful of these crossbreeds scattered around the country. But as more states loosen laws and regulations about tasting rooms, we’ll see more still-bars debuting and competing for consumers’ cocktail dollars.

Law and Orders

“Just a couple of years ago, regulations in many states allowed distillers to pour ¼-oz. samples and that was it. Consumers couldn’t even buy a bottle to go,” explains Margie Lehrman, executive director of the American Craft Spirits Association. “But now tasting rooms are growing into full-service restaurants.”

Lehrman cites a number of examples: Driftless Glen in Baraboo, WI; District Distilling in Washington, D.C.; CH Distilling in Chicago; and Cardinal Spirits in Bloomington, IN.

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