Long Road Distillers and Madcap Coffee Collaborate to Create New Spirit, Amaro Pazzo

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Long Road Distillers and Madcap Coffee Collaborate to Create New Spirit, Amaro Pazzo

New collaborative amaro available in Michigan to begin, other states in 2019

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Long Road Distillers has released a new spirit, Amaro Pazzo, this week. Amaro Pazzo was created in collaboration with Madcap Coffee Company and utilizes Madcap’s Reko coffee as one of the primary ingredients in the finished product.

The two Grand Rapids-based companies have been working together for over a year to bring Amaro Pazzo to life. Both have been recognized as leaders in their respective industries. Discussions on potential collaborations quickly narrowed to an amaro that incorporated Madcap Coffee to impart specific flavors to the finished product.

“Few put as much time and dedication into their craft as Madcap,” said Jon O’Connor, co-owner and co-founder of Long Road Distillers. “Amaro Pazzo is an ode to our shared commitment to take the time to do things right, and to craft the exceptional. We can’t wait to introduce people to what we’ve been able to create together.”

Amaro is a traditional Italian herbal liqueur, commonly enjoyed before or after dinner. While there are significant differences from brand to brand, amaro is typically bitter-sweet in flavor and has some sugar added for balance.

Madcap’s Reko coffee is an heirloom variety that comes from the Kochere region of Ethiopia, considered by many to be one of the best specialty coffee growing regions in the world. After tasting through coffee varieties from all over the world, Madcap and Long Road agreed that Reko would impart the most complimentary flavors for Amaro Pazzo, most notably bright citrus notes, lemongrass, and a hint of ginger.

“The team at Long Road has a special respect and intention for the ingredients they work with,” said Ryan Knapp, Coffee Director for Madcap. “Collaborating with our friends at Long Road was a natural fit with our similar philosophy on how we approach ingredients and flavor. We love amaro and couldn’t be more excited for the roll out of Amaro Pazzo.”

In addition to Reko coffee from Madcap, Long Road Amaro Pazzo, is made with myrrh, turkey rhubarb, two types of orange, wormwood, and a blend of other ingredients. It is bottled at 57 proof, or 28.5% alcohol by volume.

Amaro Pazzo is now available in statewide distribution throughout Michigan. Long Road and Madcap Coffee are exploring other potential markets for distribution in the first quarter of 2019.


About Long Road Distillers:

Long Road Distillers was born from the belief that making world-class spirits means never taking shortcuts along the way. After becoming the first craft distillery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Long Road Distillers formed relationships with local farmers to bring that mission to Grand Rapids’ West Side neighborhood. Each spirit produced at Long Road Distillers is milled from locally sourced ingredients, fermented, and distilled on-site. The result is an uncompromised lineup of spirits including Vodka, Gin, Whisky and more. For more information, visit www.LongRoadDistillers.com or find Long Road Distillers on Facebook or Instagram @longroadgr.

About Madcap Coffee:

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Madcap Coffee Company operates three cafes alongside a robust wholesale division, roasting and sourcing specialty coffee from around the world. With an emphasis on relationships, service, and quality Madcap is in a constant state of improvement – knowing that tomorrow’s best can be better than today’s. For more information, visit www.madcapcoffee.com or direct inquiries to info@madcapcoffee.com.

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