The 25 Best Distilleries in the U.S.


OCTOBER 13, 2018

Wine and beer may get more attention, but distilled spirits have a solid place in American culture and history. With how the industry has grown over the last decade, they’re set to be back in the limelight. We’re not knocking the classic vineyard tour or evening at a brewery, but if you’re looking for a tasting with an extra kick, try visiting a distillery.

There are over 2,000 distilleries across the country, and craft versions are popping up rapidly with both traditional recipes and modern takes on old favorites. In southern Oregon, Immortal Spirits Distillery ages their whiskeys using charcoal oaked casks made locally, but they’ve also got a selection of specialty products on offer, including a limoncello and an Italian-style walnut liqueur. On the opposite coast, at Maryland’s Sagamore, visitors can try Maryland-style rye whiskey. They’ll also learn that, in the early 1800s, local farmers used rye to keep their soil from eroding, before realizing they could also re-purpose the crop after harvest for a more fun use.

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