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To elevate and advocate for the community of craft spirits producers.
From the Desk of Margie A.S. Lehrman, Executive Director
Dear Friends in Our Craft Spirits Community:
Thanksgiving offered a time to recalibrate – to reflect on what we HAVE versus what we SEEK. I’m so grateful to be within an industry that continues to be vibrant, alive, and strong—we have lots going for us. The best part is we have FUN doing what we do. Right?
Earlier this month we lost a member of our community who perhaps best exemplified living life to the fullest and showed us how to have a good time. I first met Dave Pickerell in 2015 when I was admittedly green to our spirits world. I will most remember Dave’s patience when responding to my somewhat naïve questions and his characteristically thorough method of teaching what I needed to know in terms I could understand. I miss Dave and know I’m not alone with that feeling.
Dave helped with innovation, including lending creativity to ACSA Board meetings. That legacy continues as there is so much more ACSA would like to and needs to do to keep us healthy. To that end, the ACSA Board of Directors met in Oregon a couple weeks ago to help prioritize an agenda. We’ll be further refining ACSA goals with you in mind—our members and supporters.
When your doors opened, and you fired up the still, you began what we hope will be a long, prosperous journey. Our ACSA education is tailored to help you succeed. Take a look at our convention education, including the sessions that we offer before we even open the 6th Annual Distillers Convention and Vendor Trade Show in Minneapolis. And, don’t overlook our convenient webinars, a diverse program of focused education classes.
Sponsors make up a big part of our community. Learn what one key thought leader thinks about trends in packaging. And, if you’re interested in getting your brand in front of a large, serious audience, it’s not too late to take advantage of a convention sponsor opportunity.
Working together, I know there are bright things in our future. I’m proud to be a small part of it.
Cheers –
Education Program Announced for 6th Annual Distillers’ Convention & Vendor Trade Show
The preliminary education schedule for ACSA’s 6th Annual Convention & Vendor Trade Show is now available at the ACSA website. We’ve put together an extensive and eclectic program of nearly 50 hours of presentations and seminars for the convention, February 10-12 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The education program features sessions for all levels of expertise on multiple tracks: Technical Fundamentals Track, Advanced Technical Track, Business Track, Legal/Compliance Track and Sales and Marketing Track.
A few of the education highlights include:
• How to Build a Sustainable Craft Spirits Business for the Long Haul
• Yeast Innovation: Old World Meets New World
• What to Expect During an OSHA Inspection
• Maintaining Healthy Fermentations and How to Deal with High Alcohol Fermentations in Distilling
• The Future of the Craft Spirit Landscape
• Stealing From The Big Boys (and Girls): Build a Killer Strategic Marketing Campaign Using Tips and Tricks Nicked from Million-Dollar Brands
• How to Build a Productive Sales Team
• Labor Law for Your Labor of Love: An overview of Labor and Employment Law
• Spirits Brand Ambassadors: What Can They Do For You?
• A Panel Discussion on Trade Policy
• Spent Distillers’ Grains: Nuisance or Value Proposition
JUST ADDED: Pre-Convention
Master Classes
We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting two Master Classes just prior to the official start of the Minneapolis convention. Each will require a separate ticket to attend. Both will be held Saturday and Sunday, February 9 and 10, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
• Essentials to Successfully Implementing an Occupational Safety Program in Your Distillery, Presented by Industrial Safety and Training Services
Join ISTS, the presenters of our “Distillery Safety Management 101” class to learn safety best practices for your DSP—from production to warehousing. ISTS has tailored a program to cover the safety concerns specific to distilleries. What can you expect to learn? OSHA reporting and expectations, common errors in distilleries, how to implement safety culture in a distillery and much, much more!
Sensory Master Class, Presented by Lallemand Biofuels and Distilled Spirits
For over 35 years, Lallemand has been educating fuel ethanol and distilled beverage producers in the multidisciplinary sciences of alcohol production. The course is designed to provide our delegates with detailed information on beverage alcohol unit processes. The program is designed for lab, plan and management personnel and are organized around lectures, laboratory demonstrations, seminars and lab visits. Our course is also appropriate for suppliers and government personnel to provide understanding and training. This important resource is becoming more valuable every year as the market growth is making the need for continual education a must.
Vendor Booth Space Is Selling Out Fast!
There’s still some booth space available for ACSA’s 6th Annual Distillers’ Convention & Vendor Trade Show, but it’s selling fast. Reserve your booth now to ensure that your company’s products and/or services will be able to be front and center before a gathering of craft spirits producers from across the country. We offer 8’x10′ single booths where suppliers to the industry can showcase their products, services and solutions before a gathering of craft spirits producers from across the country.
Convention Sponsorship Opportunities Available!
There are multiple ACSA Convention & Vendor Trade Show sponsorship opportunities still available to suit a wide range of marketing budgets. A sponsorship is an excellent opportunity to amplify your presence and further establish your credibility as a thought leader in the craft spirits industry, enhance your brand image and industry position, build new relationships with prospective customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones and expand your business opportunities. As a new benefit this year, we’re offering sponsors the opportunity showcase your products & services in sponsor-led live “TED Talks.” Those opportunities are limited to top-dollar sponsors. Come out from behind the booth to see and hear how your competitors position their products & services in an interactive sponsors-only program.
We can customize a package and work with you to maximum exposure and return on your investment.
EDUCATION – Where Knowledge is POWER
Grain handling and storage presents many health and safety risks in the distillery. This webinar will discuss the risks and necessary precautions for handling malts and grains to ensure the safety of your facility and personnel.
About the Presenter: Aaron MacLeod has been involved with malting and brewing quality testing and research for 12 years and is currently the Director of the Hartwick College Center for Craft Food and Beverage.
The Center provides quality testing for beer and brewing raw materials including barley, hops and malt. Aaron was previously a chemist in the Canadian Grain Commission’s Grain Research Laboratory where he provided quality assurance for malting barley grown in western Canada and conducted research on factors affecting malting barley quality and quality measurement methods.
Aaron is also a member of the Technical Committee of the American Society of Brewing Chemists and presents frequently on topics related to malting and brewing science and quality testing methods.
Sponsored by:
When: Tuesday, December 18, 2018, 2pm-3pm EST
Where: Online Webinar
Who: Aaron McLeod, Director, Hartwick College Center for Craft Food & Beverage
How Much: Free! Thanks to the generous support of our friends at Haskell
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ACSA Members Pay Tribute to Dave Pickerell
On November 1, the distilling world lost a true icon when Dave Pickerell passed away.
A visionary and pioneer, Dave’s impact can be felt across the entire craft spirits industry. He helped bring to market countless small brands, enabling craft distilling to become an industry unto itself. Dave left Maker’s Mark as master distiller a decade ago and, through his company, Oak View Spirits, brought his expertise to many new, up-and-coming distilleries. His work at WhistlePig helped ignite a new wave of rye whiskey producers and consumers.
He was a founding affiliate member of ACSA and an original member of our Board of Directors (ex officio). A number of ACSA members offered their own personal tributes to Dave:
“Dave was always an open door. He answered when you called and said yes to any help or assistance you asked for. Our industry can be cagey and cold and he was so very confident, he never shied away from sharing his expertise, resources and insight with his peers. I am glad he modeled that for me and I carry that with me, aspiring to open doors for others.” —Maggie Campbell, President, Privateer Rum
“We have lost one of the kindest, most giving and most talented distillers I have ever met. Dave Pickerell has had a huge impact on our industry and on so many of us that work in it. And he will be sorely missed. Dave was my friend, mentor, consulting partner and he provided invaluable advice counsel and wisdom to me and Golden Moon as both have grown in the distilled spirits world. Dave, I don’t think I’d be the Master Distiller I am without you (yes, Dave, you told me to use the title and I am). I miss you. You lived on your own terms and died “with your boots on”—doing what you loved. I guess it’s fitting that I learned of your passing, while doing much the same thing: talking whiskey at a whiskey show. To those reading this, please take a moment and raise a glass in Dave’s honor.” —Steve Gould, Proprietor/Distiller, Golden Moon Distillery
“Dave Pickerell and I met a couple of times, but I will never forget him unexpectedly showing up to my distillery. I was very surprised to see him. He was so kind and never made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing. He was very supportive and gave me a few pointers along the way. The reason he was so beloved by our industry members and consumers alike was his authenticity. He talked the talked, he walked the walk. Without him there would be NO craft spirits industry, he was an evangelist of our industry—a true embodiment of ‘Rising Tides raise ALL ships”. He will be missed.”—Jake Holshue, Head Distiller, Old Trestle Distillery
“I met Dave in an elevator in Louisville in 2012. Before the elevator even reached the lobby, he was a mentor, a friend and clearly a legend of whiskey. Regardless of how many distillery projects he had, or consulted for, Dave would stop and talk distillation anytime. I’ll never forget how much I had to learn, and how much you had to share. You’ll be remembered, Dave.”
—Ryan Christiansen, President and Head Distiller, Caledonia Spirits
What is the No. 1 driver behind the growth of craft spirits?
A More-Savvy Consumer Base
Product Innovation
Well-Trained Talent Pool
Popularity of Other Craft Beverage Categories
Favorable Changes in Government Regulations, Legislations
Availability of Investment Capital
Better Access to Distribution

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